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Maamoun Abdul-Karim, More recently, as in Chennai after the AIADMK’s victory.PTI The first error is the belief that the winner didn’t do anything wrong the loser didn’t get anything right It’s a silly belief No cricket commentator makes the mistake of having such a belief But it is amazing how routinely we fall for it Even in a close verdict like Tamil Nadu where the gap between the winner and the runner up is just about one percentage point we offer explanations suitable for a landslide victory Clearly the Chennai floods and corruption cases must have hurt J Jayalalithaa Perhaps an alliance with Congress helped DMK come this close to a victory Maybe the tipping factor was none of the things we talk about Perhaps it was something we don’t wish to talk about on the day of the election verdict The second related error is the idea that elections are won or lost during the election campaign The brute fact is that most elections are decided even before the campaign begins Take West Bengal for example There was not much to write home about Mamata Banerjee’s governance track record But the residual anger against the Left Front was so strong especially in rural South Bengal that they were going to lose this election no matter what they did in the run up to the polls A desperate and unwise alliance with Congress did not help them win the absence of this alliance would not have helped them either Electoral strategies and tactics sometimes make a decisive difference BJP’s alliance with the AGP did so But more often than not campaign makes a minor difference to the margins of victory The third error is the assumption that decisive results have a clear and obvious mandate Clear results need not have a clear message Sometimes a small victory as that of the LDF in Kerala (small because the gap is about four percent) is easier to explain than a bigger victory in West Bengal In a state where a small proportion of voters swing to change governments every five year that small group had good reasons to distrust the UDF and want a change It is a verdict against Congress governance But can we say the same about Mamata’s or Jayalalithaa’s governance Perhaps all we can say is that the voters did not have good reasons to trust their opponents And finally there is the error of the National Verdict which assumes every state election to be a referendum on the Central government The fact is that for the past two decades states have become the centre-stage of national politics Assessment of state governments gets reflected in the Lok Sabha elections but it’s rarely the other way around The Haryana Assembly election in 2015 was an exception The BJP’s major victory in Assam is not due to the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi It is purely a spectacular but local political success An electorate tired of a long Congress regime was offered what appeared to be a credible alternative The verdict willhelp the BJP in a small way in terms of Rajya Sabha numbers especially if the TMC and AIADMK oblige But there is no way this verdict reflects or changes the national political mood Unless of course the mood-makers decide otherwise Meanwhile I wait for a replay of the same game after the UP election in a few months’ time The author is co-founder of Swaraj Abhiyan and the national convener of Jai Kisan Andolan With five poll-bound states and their checkered political landscape BJP president Amit Shah once again has the task of taking BJP to the finishing line In an interview with Network 18 Editor-in-Chief Rahul Joshi Shah talks about Uttar Pradesh Assembly election and whyhe is confident that the BJP will get a two-third majority Though development remains high on the BJP agenda the party has also focused on the state of law and order in UP under the Samajwadi Party government While stressing that there is no room for dynasty politics in the BJP Shah says the Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance cannot divert attention of the voters from issues like law and order land grab and cow slaughter The BJP president says though UP polls would not be a referendum on demonetisation he is confident that the people are with the Narendra Modi government He also said that three months are not enough to assess the full impact of demonetisation on black money Terming surgical strikes ‘a decision made of political will’ Shah says peace with our neighbours will be always be a priority however India’s attitude will depend on Pakistan’s behaviour Shah also talks about the BJP’s stand on the contentious Ram Mandir issue and the party’s pollstrategy in Punjab Goa Uttarakhand Though Shah will soon turn focus on Gujarat he shares his vision for 2019: “My first objective is that BJP wins 2019 with a bigger margin than 2014” Here is the full transcript: Welcome and thanks for speaking to Network18 Let’s begin with the state Assembly elections You just released BJP’s manifesto in Uttar Pradesh What does it have that others don’t The preamble of our manifesto says that over the last 15 years Samajwadi Party and BSP have taken Uttar Pradesh backwards A comparison with other states in the last 15 years will show UP despite its huge potential has seen very little development This is true if you look from the perspective of governance administration law & order and most all in the farm and industry sectors Take employment there has been little work done all of this has held back UP’s progress So we have tried to give a platform to build a stronger structure so that in five years the BJP government can leap over the 15 years of developmental backwardness We will take UP to the level of other developed states in the country Your manifesto talks of waiving farmer loans offers zero-interest loans free laptops and promises schemes for education and health You have laid emphasis on law & order which is one of the biggest issues. Well I would say you have to look beyond loan waivers and zero interest loans We’ve also promised to set up a system to buy crops from farmers start computerised e-mandis so that the farmer gets a good price for their produce We will also try to give soil health cards to all farmers in three years The farmers can assess the fertility of their land get information on what kind of fertiliser and seed to use etc Based on all this information the farmer can increase his yield to help UP make up for all the lost years Many states have implemented zero interest loans The farmers are desperate we want to give a platform to do much better Amit Shah File photo Reuters You have also talked of Ram Mandir Kairana exodus and stopping cattle theft and slaughter You have also promised helicopter services but only to Hindu religious spots Is this a return to soft Hindutva Please don’t see ban on slaughterhouses from that point of view In all of UP – whether it is western UP Awadh Rohailkhand or Purvanchal – you will see that due to slaughterhouses cows that give milk are finished If there is a drought or flood farmers fall back on cows for sustenance UP has unlimited potential for milk production I come from Gujarat where the availability of water is much less than in UP But dairies have record production there In UP we want to prevent cattle smuggling and slaughter Today even FIRs are not registered in UP in such cases We have planned to set up dairies so that farmers will get good prices This will also help them add value and improve livelihoods We’ll return to some of these issues but my first key question How many seats to do you give to BJP in Uttar Pradesh It is too soon to speak of entire UP but I strongly believe that in the first and second phases we will win 90 of the 135 seats So you are looking at a 2/3rds majority Definitely We will get a 2/3rd majority So who is your fight with: The SP-Congress alliance or Mayawati’s BSP With the alliance between Samajwadi Party and Congress Don’t you think Muslim Yadav some upper caste votes will stand behind the alliance and give the BJP a tough challenge It is easy to talk theory Look at the law and order situation in UP every girl whether she is Yadav or from any other community is harassed Poor and backward suffer the worst. Urban law and order too is worse That’s why there is exodus everyone is affected If mothers and daughters are raped on highways like it happened in Bulandshahr. if this is the kind of government we have then it’s everybody’s problem In the heart of Mathura in Jawaharbagh a gang led by Ram Vriksh Yadav occupies government land for three years and kills policemen who go there No law abiding UP citizen can tolerate this situation The election will be on this issue (of law & order) Akhilesh Yadav is wrong if he thinks he can fool people with his family drama and an alliance That is not going to happen Law and order is an issue today Exodus in west UP is an issue Cow smuggling and slaughter is an issue Women’s security is an issue Land grab is an issue Whatever you do you will have to answer it all It is said that these Assembly polls will be a referendum on demonetisation Do you think so It won’t be correct to say the UP polls would be a referendum on note ban Because in UP there are so many anti-incumbency issues The mining mafia is running free; if it takes Rs 18 crore per km for constructing a road tenders are given out for Rs 31 crores people want to know where the Rs 13 crore gone But even then if the Opposition wants a referendum on note ban we are open to it In the issue of note ban the people of UP are with BJP And they will vote on the lotus symbol So you believe note ban will help BJP in UP Polls Yes definitely Do you think the note ban has helped curb black money I would say if someone wants to analyse the impact of such a historic decision looking at just threemonths it would be a tad too fast This is part of a big strategy Right from the day the BJP government was sworn in at the Centre we declared war against black money The first resolution of the first Cabinet meeting was to implement the Supreme Court order to set up a special investigation team on black money Till then up to demonetisation we have taken around 29 steps in this direction But if within threemonths of note ban someone expects black money to be extinguished then that person needs to understand the principles of economics better A lot of the demonetised money has come back to the system So people believe big capitalists have gotten away In the near future will you be taking these people to task through steps like IT raids People are spreading this canard that all the money that has come back to the banks have automatically become white Anyone who has deposited more than Rs 25 lakh in banks after demonetisation there is a list of them and agencies are working on that And the government has brought in a tough legislation The money that has come back to the system will be used for the betterment of the living conditions of the poor Those who don’t have food those who don’t have shelter those who don’t have toilets those who don’t have electricity or drinking water this money will be used for their upliftment Up until now this money was locked up in the coffers of politicians and industrialists Now it is back in the system So will you make sure this money reaches the poor There are schemes in place more schemes are being chalked out The Cabinet is working on these decisions The surgical strikes against Pakistan was another big decision by the Modi government Will your stand on Pakistan harden in the coming months India’s attitude towards Pakistan will depend on Pakistan’s behaviour We want good relations with all Peace with our neighbours is a priority But if this is seen as our weakness then that is a mistake This government is led by Narendra Modi Putting our soldiers and borders at risk will not be tolerated anymore Surgical strikes were a decision made of political will The bravery of the Army ensured it has changed the way the world looks at India today In the coming days it will only benefit India And do you think it will it benefit you in the Assembly elections People of the entire nation except some political leaders are with us You would have read Rahul Gandhi’s statement of ‘khoon ki dalali’ I am yet to understand what he wanted to say You already rule the Centre now if you come to power in UP too will you build Ram Mandir in Ayodhya We have a very clear stand on Ram Mandir that we will explore ways of building a temple within the Constitutional framework This can be done in two ways: Either through dialogue or through a court order So your government is committed to the issue Yes we are committed Within the Constitutional structure we will find ways to build a temple In 2014 when BJP got 71 seats in UP people attributed it to the Modi wave and your Midas touch Do you think this will work this time as well In 2014 the entire nation wanted a strong leader and the BJP had made the right decision by announcing Narendra Modi as the party’s PM candidate and we fought under his leadership There was a wave across the nation and UP was no different I am indebted to the crores of BJP workers who worked tirelessly to convert that wave into votes and scale it up to a tsunami As a result NDA got 73 out of 80 seats in UP It’s because of that decision by the people of UP that we are running a government with full majority at the Centre This time around people are tired of the misrule of this alternating governments of SP and BSP There has been no development in 15 years Corruption is rampant law and order has totally collapsed Youth are leaving the state for jobs in Mumbai Delhi Gurgaon Ahmedabad Bengaluru leaving behind parents and wives UP has everything There’s water below 50 feet; there is level fertile lands for kilometres on; there is abundant water thanks to the blessing of Ganga and Yamuna And there is talented hardworking youth But there is no development because the system has collapsed But you faced crushing defeats in Delhi and Bihar despite Modi’s popularity Have you learnt any lessons from those mistakes which you wouldn’t like to repeat this time Our party had set up a committee to examine these two defeats It won’t be proper to discuss that in public but I would like to clarify that both states had peculiar political environments And we won Assam all local polls by-polls made progress in states like Kerala Bengal Approval for Modi has come from across the country This time BJP’s strategy has been breaking and making alliances You have aggressively drawn key Opposition leaders into BJP How will you gain from this It is not right to say these leaders are leaving their parties This is political migration Fed up with dynastic and caste-based politics and naked corruption practiced by parties like BSP many leaders are leaving their parties and migrating to BJP I believe that the society will gain from the consolidation of such good leaders If that consolidation happens towards BJP it will be good for the country good for UP Because India cannot dream of double digit growth without UP growing at double digits You just spoke of dynasty politics But BJP had to distribute a lot of tickets to kith and kin of senior leaders despite Modi’s appeal not to ask for tickets for family members Let me clarify our position here Dynasty politics is when Akhilesh Yadav becomes the chief minister of UP sidelining all other party leaders Or when Omar Abdullah becomes the chief minister after Farooq Abdullah Jawaharlal Nehru followed by Indira Gandhi Rajiv Gandhi Sonia ruling through Manmohan Singh and now Rahul… That is dynasty politics In BJP family members of leaders are free to work hard for the party run for elections and become MLAs But whether they will become chief minister or not depends solely on their merit So let’s not have simplistic definitions on dynasty politics If Rahul Gandhi has a child there is no confusion then who will be the next Congress president But can you guess who will be the next BJP president No you cannot This is the difference between the BJP and all other parties The greatness of BJP is that a man from a poor household can rise up to become the PM. A booth worker like me who used to do wall paintings for the party can become the national president In this party there can never be any dynasty politics As elections approach some politicians have started making communal statements trying to polarise the electorate How will you deal with such leaders The PM has warned them in the past Please do not link this with the BJP UP presents a peculiar condition There’s anger among the general public People are reflecting the public mood against the politics of appeasement and vote bank If someone speaks up against the politics of appeasement and vote bank he is only articulating the public mood But I agree there should be no communal agenda in polls If we appeal to end mechanised slaughterhouses then it cannot be called communal we are doing it for the farmers A task force against exodus in western UP can’t be termed communal it is a constitutional right of the people In UP people have stopped sending their daughters to colleges because the girls get harassed We have promised that BJP will form an Anti-Romeo Squad to save these girls This is not communal It is the right of every girl to study in her own city or village That is why it would not be correct to paint everything as communal Western UP is very important for you Who do you consider responsible for the ‘exodus’ there Without doubt this is a result of BSP andSP’s vote bank and appeasement politics This would have never happened if the police did its work within the framework of constitution This only happened because police was used to strengthen vote bank politics Which constitution mandates that FIRs be registered on the basis of caste and religion This needs to be stopped What steps will you take in this direction if you form the government We raised these issues earlier also When Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh were heading the government we took steps then and these activities did stop We have 12 state governments in the country There’s no exodus happening anywhere It is the police’s job to maintain law and order within the framework of the Constitution Pending payments for sugarcane farmers is a big perennial issue in western UP How do you plan to address this No one cared for the sugarcane farmers for a long long time But now the Modi government has started working to protect the interest of cane farmers We increased ethanol consumption so that cane farmers get their due We stopped import so that farmers get the right price for their produce Export subsidies have meant they get a good price for their produce Cane farmers did not get their payments in time We fixed that too We have said two things in our manifesto We will deliver the Rs 6000 crores due to cane farmers within 120 days of coming to power We will engage the bank and collectors to this effect within 120 days We will set up a system where they will get a 14-day postdated cheque from the day he offloads cane in the mill I think this will be a huge step No one has taken a step like this in 70 years We will be extending this assistance to all the sugarcane farmers upon assuming office Any specific plans to fix road transport and infrastructure in UP We have promised an East West North & South corridor to the people of UP We have promised to connect every village to tehsil office by bus Along with this we have also said we will improve medical facilities Just before the Bihar Assembly polls RSS Sarsangchalak Mohan Bhagwat had raised some concerns on reservations BJP suffered the consequences Last week RSS spokesperson Manmohan Vaidya said something similar We want to know what is your position as far as reservation is concerned Neither Mohan Bhagwat said any such thing then nor has Manmohan Vaidya said any such thing now Manmohan Vaidya was asked a question on religion-based reservation But someone took away the question and showed just the reply This caused the controversy He clarified the next day The question very clearly was about his view on the Sachar panel suggestion on religion-based reservation The Sangh has always said that the present situation needs the existing system of reservation BJP’s position is also clear Constitutionally mandated provisions of reservation in India with the cap prescribed by the Supreme Court must continue This includes SC ST & OBC We have miles to go But now that you have asked this question I want to ask a question to SP Congress and BSP They talk about reservations for minorities Where will they get it from The highest court has put a cap of 50 percent So you cannot go beyond that Many states have reached 50 percent already within the existing SC ST & OBC reservations If they want to give reservation to minorities then who will they take it away from SC ST or OBC So it is not us who are opposing reservation for Dalits OBCs and tribals They are It is they who talk about giving reservation on religious grounds They must clarify to the people of UP on whether they want religion-based quotas or not And if they want it then they must specify who will they take it away from We have clarified now the SP Congress and BSP should clarify Grounds of reservation must not be religion The Constitution does not mandate this So we must all maintain the existing system You fought many state elections without any CM face There was a CM face in Assam and it helped Why is there no CM face in Uttar Pradesh This is always the decision of the parliamentary board We had no face in Haryana Maharashtra and Jharkhand We won elections in these states We’ve had no chief minister face in most of the elections we won And whoever will be our CM face (in UP) will surely be better than theirs That’s certain People have seen through these faces The PM opposed triple talaq Your manifesto also mentions it What’s your take We believe that the Constitution mandates every woman should get her rights and that includes Muslim women Triple talaq curtails the rights of Muslim women Moving away from UP what are the realistic chances of you winning in Uttarakhand We will certainly form a government in Uttarakhand by a good margin A lot of Congress leaders in Uttarakhand have joined BJP You think that will help you See this is a process One party is breaking up And the good people are drifting towards ours Don’t look at this process as defection This process has happened before elections and not after elections This is not aaya ram-gaya ram politics It is said that Goa is a close fight for you this time It is also said that you had to prop up Manohar Parrikar as your face in Goa just before this difficult election Do you agree No the party hasn’t taken any such decision as of now that Manohar Parrikar will go back to Goa We have said that if the people of Goa and elected MLAs feel this way then both options are open A decision will be taken by parliamentary board based on legislative party’s opinion We are in a strong position in Goa For the first time the state is seeing a government complete its full term Congress had 12 chief ministers in the first 10 years Goa’s growth had come to a standstill You also had two CMs… We had two because one had to move to the Centre Parrikar didn’t have to leave because of any infighting One chief minister became the Defence Minister that’s why we had another one Had Parrikar not come to the Centre he would have completed his five-year term as chief minister Will Parrikar go back if required As I said we have kept that open ended What is your assessment of Punjab It is said that AAP and Congress have a lead It is a triangular contest in Punjab BJP-SAD is in the fray with full force A tremendously talented man like Parkash Singh Badal is leading the charge there There are very a few leaders like Badal sahab in this country today The Shiv Sena seems upset with you They are fighting the corporation and zilla parishad elections on their own Will this affect your relationship in the state and the Centre This is not our decision but that of the Shiv Sena We have an open mind and they are our trusted ally We are with them in the Centre and the state governments What’s happening is a friendly match It is for the people to decide So these are just differences and not a long-term fight There are no differences It is just that both parties have different internal calculations Both parties believe in their position of strength We have left it for the people to decide But I don’t agree that this is going to cause damage to our alliance The next big election after this will be Gujarat What according to you will happen there We have swept all municipal elections and by-polls in Gujarat We are in a very strong position We haven’t lost a single election since ’90 So you feel your new team is going to win again Most certainly we will form the government And that too with two third majority What is your assessment of 2019 elections A survey in one of the papers says if elections are held now then NDA will get 370 seats And BJP will get absolute majority But we are not in 2019 yet We will emerge stronger then There will be more development progress and safety by then We will emerge stronger by raising the standard of living of the poorest of the poor I am confident that this Jan Kalyan Yajna will make the BJP emerge stronger We have empowered the poor of this country Only a poor woman would know the joy of having cooking gas as opposed to a smoke-filled hut Only a poor woman would know the shame and pain of defecating in the open at 2 am for want of a toilet It is our endeavour to have a toilet in each house No government so far had thought of toilets gas and even a small bulb to light up the house of poor Even after 70 years of Independence 60 crore people did not have a bank account We got these people connected to the mainstream by opening these bank accounts I believe that the results will surely be positive And we have honestly worked towards the upliftment of Dalits and backward communities to raise their living standards Some big economists feel that demonetisation will lead to slow growth… It is possible that a quarter or two may reflect this As of now it doesn’t As of now nothing has gone down Neither the revenue nor income But even if we assume it does get reflected in a few quarters just imagine what Rs 8 lakh crores in excess entering the system actually means Rs 8 lakh crore that wasn’t of much use to the country’s growth Money that was lying in coffers and chests has now come back into the system I believe that this is going to create a massive difference I have interviewed you on a number of occasions in the past You always appear relaxed I am quite relaxed today also Any secret to this We consider elections as a festival to celebrate democracy We enter the electoral fray with our ideology agenda manifesto and the strength of the cadre Winning and losing isn’t important for us We do not believe in caste-based politics Neither do we believe in dynasty politics We believe in the politics of performance And we have started this type of politics What is the next step for Amit Shah Will you enter electoral politics in the Centre in 2019 Will you join the government or go back to Gujarat There is no question of me returning to Gujarat And I am in central politics only Will you join the government This is no time to think of that My first objective is that BJP wins 2019 with a bigger margin than 2014 By: AP | London | Updated: December 7 2016 2:10 am Actor Peter Vaughan (File) Top News Veteran British character actor Peter Vaughan who played the enigmatic Maester Aemon in “Game of Thrones” has died aged 93 Vaughan’s agent Sally Long-Innes says he died Tuesday surrounded by his family Vaughan’s face _ if not his name _ was familiar to generations of television viewers in Britain and around the world His best-known roles included criminal Harry Grout in 1970s prison sitcom “Porridge” Film appearances included “The Naked Runner” opposite Frank Sinatra and “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” Like many British actors he gained wider fame through HBO’s “Game of Thrones” Vaughan played blind scholar Maester Aemon on the hit fantasy series Born Peter Ohm in the central England county of Shropshire Vaughan was married first to the late actress Billie Whitelaw and then to Lillias Walker who survives him For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 25 2017 8:57 am Punjab Congress president Sunil Jakhar during a press conference in Chandigarh on Saturday (Photo: Sahil Walia) Top News With the government under fire for ruckus in the Assembly Punjab Congress president Sunil Jakhar attempted to defend its stand Saturday by stating that the Speaker was “lenient” on the Opposition Stating that former deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal had crossed the floor of the House thrice Jakhar said “The Speaker should have barred him from coming to the Assembly but he has taken a lenient view” Addressing the media Saturday Jakhar said a common sentiment among the ruling party MLAs was that the Speaker was very soft on the Opposition and allowed their members to speak even during the Obituary Simarjit Singh Bains MLA from Ludhiana was given more time than he was given during his entire term during the previous regime” he said He also criticised the Opposition for making a mockery of the House and demanded unconditional apology from the members for undermining the sanctity of the House He accused the SAD and AAP of playing a fixed match before the polls and now again in the state Assembly which they had reduced to a battleground due to their inter and intra-party power struggles Asked why the Congress government had failed to arrest Majithia despite its promise of a crackdown on drug trade Jakhar said it could not go merely by perception and hold a kangaroo court but had to follow the due process of law He said historic decisions like abolition of the truck unions and transparency introduced into mining auctions clearly showed the CM’s commitment to fulfilling every promise on this count On the developments in the Assembly Jakhar said that while former chief minister Parkash Singh Badal had not been coming to the House because the Akali Dal had been relegated to the side AAP was also suffering because of its internal power tussle with HS Phoolka playing to the galleries in a bid to establish his leadership Jakhar said he would urge the Speaker and the CM to create an “honorary Opposition leader’s position” in the Vidhan Sabha to accommodate former the ex-CM as he was finding it difficult to attend the proceedings due to an identity crisis For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: JNU Students’ Union President Kanhaiya Kumar was on Monday critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he alleged that "emergency-like" situation has been created in all universities and the actual change in the country will not happen by changing "meat" or "videos" JNUSU leader Kanhiaya Kumar AFP In an open letter to Modi Kanhaiya was referring to the Dadri lynching incident where a man was lynched on suspicion that his family stored and ate beef at their house and surfacing of allegedly doctored videos about the controversial 9 February event at JNU "Modi ji the country won’t change by changing the meat or the video The nation will be transformed when the condition of its people are improved Under your regime things have only gone from bad to worse Youth and students elected you with high hopes" he said in the letter "It seems that a situation of emergency has been created in every university Is this the situation that you were promising when you were chanting the slogans of ‘achche din’ across the length and breadth of the nation,which expressed interest in investing in UP are Indian business houses, said Minister SP Yadavwho replied on behalf of Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to a question put by BSP leader Mahesh Arya during the Question Hour on Tuesday The government recently wrote to the interested investors seeking their terms and conditionssuggestions or grievances if they have anyregarding setting up their projects in UP Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry had organised the summit in collaboration with Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) that borne the expenses of the eventsaid the minister with the UP government participating in the event as partner For all the latest Opinion News,Punjabi domination? Maduro has been facing noisy protests demanding a referendum on him. or valuables such as jewellery, state BJP chief Ajay Bhatt shared the dais with Shah as a large crowd gathered to listen to him despite Section 144 being in force. It was its responsibility to protect people from violence.

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