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We believe in the age-old adage,A healthy mind in a healthy body and hence focus on sportslinguistic skillsliterature and spiritual understanding Our school has been producing excellent sporting talent at the district and national levels and our coaches have been training them consistently In todays difficult timetolerance and understanding have been lost due to fast development Hencethe new generation needs proper guidance and inputs from parents and schools to tread on the right path We conduct and expose children to regular church and liturgy sessions and prayers There is always a dearth of faith in the new generation and it needs to be inculcated in them on a micro-level We promote artistic talent by conducting arts sessions wherein students are exposed to artistic subjects and given the liberty to pursue their calling This has been a value addition and a positive influence on students and we hope to continue with this The main highlight of the school activities include dramaticsimpromptu gigs and robotics For roboticswe selected a batch of students and had professionals from the field come in and teach our students the nuances of robotics and technology We are a part-aided school and conducting such sessions helps our students to be technologically receptive and prepared Our students participate in numerous competitions and have achieved distinction in academics as well A healthy mix of educationsports and cultural activities makes a students formal education replete and successful The rule that states you cannot fail any student till class 8 has created quite a flurry Is it difficult for your school to cope with What are the measures in Place In todays system of educationthere are more negative fallacies than positive outcomes Measures are implemented under the guise of helping students but what they take away is the whole meaning of education There are some advantages to the law passed under RTE… like no examination stress for students But it is creating a negative outlook in them towards studieswhich is bad Disadvantages definitely outweigh the advantages and measures should be taken to rectify the damage that will be done following its implementation Before the law came into effectwe had negligible number of students failing Students would work hard and assimilate studies and perform well A sound basic knowledge base is very important for every profession and we cannot eradicate it from the field of education But as of nowthe system has made promotion to higher classes automatic This is working against students as they take away from students the drive and passion for studies Without motivation and a drive to excelstudents would not study and for that matter not excel They just attend school and move forward without placing emphasis on what is taught This is a bad scenario jeopardising the system Schools are facing numerous problems regarding the law as discipline has gone for a toss in classrooms Boys dont show interest in education and are getting wayward New reforms are brought in by the school to evade such situations Looking at it in a totalitarian waywe can assume that RTE has added fuel to the existing problems Basicallystudents should take education seriously because it will add to their future growth and career and expertise in any field cannot be achieved without working hard This principle will help schools get through and succeed in imparting education holistically We cannot look for any kind of punishment as welland corporal punishment has been banned long back We do not propagate the idea of punishment but there is no way to bring students on track unless you dismiss their antics The whole process is on the verge of becoming redundant and dismissive if actions are taken We plan to conduct numerous sessions on topics ranging from educational reforms to careers This has already been happening and our teachers-in-charge have been doing it consistently We believe that external discipline is not permanent if there is no internal discipline among students RTE has been raising the issue of student-teacher ratio as well They say that a ratio of 1/30 needs to be maintained That meanswe need to appoint one teacher for a batch of 30 students Its not remotely possible if you look at educating students and the population strength On an average we have a student- teacher ratio of 1:60 or 1:70 with utmost difficulty Hence if you propose such ideasyou need to help schools figure a way to apply it as well The real problems in the educational sector have been brushed aside and not addressed by RTE Schools seem to be flummoxed because by no means can all these reforms be appliedand we value education and always welcome good reforms What measures are taken by the school to implement RTES 25% reservation in admission for underprivileged students What is the future plan regarding the same To be concise and verbalwe have not received any notification and are awaiting the same Once we receive a copy of the notificationwe will proceed and outline methods and strategies to implement the same No hard copy of the rules/regulations has been sent Once we get a circularwe will assess the methods Educating the poorer sections is a primary ned we will do whatever possible from our side As of nowwe have been following similar rules for a long time and giving admission to the destitute and needy Those who cannot manage to pay fee are given concessions and added privileges Scholarships to meritorious students and fee waiver for needy students are provided Finances should never block ones way to achieving education and we believe in that What is your take on new school bus norms and how are you implementing it Has any committee been established to look into the affairs RTO has sent its circular with its specifications regarding the dos and donts for student safety It is insisting on speed governors and other measures The bus needs to be approved by transport departments before ferrying students and contractors need clearance certificates These are of some value but there are many disadvantages as well Likeif a bus has speed governorsit cannot exceed 40 km/hr This seems legit for city roads but fails invariably outside city limits These contractors ply outside city limits and are not exclusive to schools hence their complaint seems valid How can they ferry at a speed of 40 km/hr on highways This takes a longer time for travel Then they start charging schools extra fare for recovering expenses We understand students safety but this is an incumbent measure and not impactful Hence expenses are borne by schools and parents at the end of the day and contractors make merry We have a committee of teachers and parents that looks into matters as these and concludes the final safety precautions We have installed GPRS and are in close contact with our contractors regarding student safety We have issued verbatim guidelines to them regarding student safety Parents are kept in the loop about students positions because of SMS system Whenever a student leaves school or reaches a certain checkpointan SMS is sent to parents In cases of crisisthis comes in handy as parents and attendants remain in contact and work effectively to ensure student safety In September every yearstudents are given training regarding bus rulesRSP sessions and so on RSP teachers coach them about the evils of not following road rules Tips on how to alighthow to remain orderlyhow to maintain decorum and finally why not to linger around bus are taught This goes a long way in creating a healthy psyche among students for safety rules We have even installed 16 CCTV cameras in the school and monitor student and their activities and to ensure their safety We want 100 per cent student safety and have been following RTO measures CBSE is adopting the international curriculum What is your take on it in accordance with IGCSE ICSE council is established in Delhi and all important issues related to implementation of IGCSE are taken by them We havent received any official intimation regarding IGCSE curriculum and its implementation as yet We will definitely follow the councils decision as they understand the prima facie importance of allotting and allocating courses and their modules IGCSE is a research-based method and very fair There is no place for rote learning in IGCSE In ICSEthere is a balance between practical and theoretical approach We have projectstheoretical stuff and evaluative approach which is perfect in ICSE Hencewe are not sure about modalities offered by the new curriculum Retaining a bit of rote learning is important Even doctors need to remember prescription list for medications Students definitely are no different They will use what they remember The exact procedurestraining and their application have a huge involvement of rote learning Education should be such thatit can be of practical use Students should understand and execute the data and apply them in life We have excursionsexperiments and other methods to make education graphic and interesting Memorisation is indispensable and practical exposure is important to make education formidable How important are extra-curricular activities We conduct numerous cultural activities and have started our own inter-school festival IMMACULATAa cultural extravaganza It is first among schools and nearly 15 schools participated in the same We had a set up an exact replica of an Indian village with hutswells and students dressed up as village folks This ensured culture was at the fore-front and students were taught about rural counterparts We focussed on sporting eventsfine artsperforming arts and literary arts and had many winners We had six major sections and five events per day for two days We have an inter-school drama competition and numerous schools participate We have two school grounds and use that to full use by promoting sports Footballcricket and indoor activities are promoted Other sports like snookersskatingtennis are promoted and students have excelled at state level as well We are top 5 in the state level We have English and Hindi debates/ elocution We have a football fiesta for parents and staff We have cultural programmes and annual days where every student participates and exhibits his/her talents Our inter-house dramatics helmed by teachers are very grand and critical for development of students artistic talents Without all these activitiesthe whole process of education will be stunted For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: September 19 2013 1:12 am Related News A city court on Wednesday directed the Delhi Police to provide additional security to the four men convicted and sentenced to death in the December 16 gangrape case It also allowed two of them to pursue their studies in jail In response to a plea by the defence that the convicts had received life threats from other inmatesAdditional Sessions Judge Daya Prakash directed that they be accommodated in a separate cell Furtherthe judge allowed convicts Vinay and Akshay to avail the study facility provided in jail by Delhi University In a separate trialthe four convicts have been accused of robbing and attempting to murder a carpentera few hours prior to the gangrape of the 23-year-old physiotherapy student on the night of December 162012 The carpenter had earlier alleged that the accused had assaulted and robbed him and then thrown him off the moving bus in a such manner that he would have been crushed by a passing truck On Wednesdaythe nodal officers of three telecom companies deposed in court to confirm the call detail records from the carpenters phone on the night of December 16 According to the carpenters testimonyafter he was thrown off the busan autorickshaw driver gave him his phone to make a call The nodal officers confirmed the call details in the court On the next datea fingerprint expert and a head constable shall depose as prosecution witness in the court For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 8 2012 5:12 am Related News Greater Noida: Marking the first anniversary of Uttar Pradesh police crackdown on farmers in Bhatta Parsaul who protested acquisition of their land by the then Mayawati governmentfarmers on Monday staged a sit-demonstration demanding withdrawal of cases against them A few hundred farmers assembled at the Bhattawhere the farmers had launched their anti-land acquisition stir last January The agitation had turned violent on May 7 last year and a police-farmers clash took place in which two farmers and as many policemen were killed and several injured in exchange of fire Farmers leader Manvir Singh Tevatia was leading the agitation and police had arrested him and others and filed cases against them on charges of kidnappingassaultrioting and other offences under IPC Since then9 farmers are still in jail while the rest have got bail Farmers said they will not allow any construction till the arrested farmers are released from jail and cases against them withdrawn UPs 1st solar power plant to be unveiled LUCKNOW: Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav will inaugurate the states first 2 MW solar power plant in Barabanki district on Thursday The plantinstalled under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission has been executed by Lucknow-based Technical Associates Limited (TAL) The plant is installed over an area of nearly 17 acres and consists of 24290 solar photovoltaic modules that works together to produce 2 MW of clean reliable energy For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vinod Dhall | Published: December 8 2010 3:38 am Related News The civil aviation ministry has expressed outrage at the allegedly unconscionably high airfares being charged by the domestic airlines Along with the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)it swung into action and managed to persuade or coerce the airlines into bringing down the fares Welcome relief has been provided to the travelling publicthough we do not know the extent to which this will hit the bottomline of the airlinesand I suspect that neither do the authorities Either waythe ministry and DGCA have wrested a victory of sorts But two troubling questions arise: is this the right way to have achieved the objective of lower fares And is this a lasting solution On both countsthe answers are negative Economic reforms have demanded progressive liberalisation and the shedding of stifling government controls on the market The benefits have been obvious: in the aviation industry we have larger numbers of operators and flightsbroader choiceand more competition to win the passengers patronage In this contextbulldozing by the government is anachronistic and ultimatelycould create problems of its own Controls mean room for rent seekingcrony capitalismcorruption and unhealthy lobbyingas we are witnessing elsewhere We dont need more of that In that senseVijay Mallya is right in saying that government should not be lightly intervening in the markets The governments focus should be on structural reforms in the sectorthat would remove capacity constraintsbring down entry barriersand open space for competition For instancewhy has Air India lagged behind in augmenting capacity And by what logic are major international airlines not allowed to have stakes in the domestic market we might welcome investment by diaper manufacturers but not by experienced airlinesas Ratan Tata observed of the strange logic of government policy Once structural constraints have been removedthe markets should work better on their ownwithout spasmodic muscle-flexing by the government It is also no solution to create an independent regulator for the aviation industryas some have suggested A sector regulator may be justified in sectors where there are natural monopolies (for examplean airport or transmission line)or in network industries (like telecom)or where there may be asymmetries of information (like medical practice) But in other industriesa sector regulator is misplaced; insteadthe markets should discipline enterprise behaviour Where competition prevailsif one enterprise raises pricesbusiness will be diverted to its rivals The responsibility of maintaining oversight in unregulated sectors should rightly belong to the Competition Commission of India (CCI)which has the mandate and powers under the Competition Acta law that few in government seem to love or understandbut enough are straining to block (the law minister at a recent conference admitted that while initially he did not fully appreciate the Competition Acthe has now come around We need more such turnarounds) In the event that the airlines (or some of them) collude to raise fares jointly or that any of them enjoys a dominant positionand abuses itthey are in infringement of the Competition Actand the CCI has enormous powers to inquire and impose deterrent punishment The airline industryunfortunatelyhas an unenviable reputation in antitrust In several recent cases it has been handed huge penalties The European Commission recently fined 11 carriers a total of 799 million euros for operating a worldwide cartel for over six years in cargo services The dirty 11 included: Air CanadaAir France-KLMBritish AirwaysCathay PacificJapan AirlinesSASSingapore Airlines and Qantas In 2008Qantas agreed to pay a fine of 20 million Australian dollarsthe second largest price-fixing fine in Australian historyfor its part in the international air freight cartel; Qantas publicly apologised for its conduct Some British Airways executives were recently extradited to the US to serve prison sentences on cartel charges In Indiasome years backthe CCIthough it had no statutory powers thenhad to step in to prevent the domestic airlines from allegedly cartelising under the umbrella of their trade association If there is any collusion between the airlines in hiking fares or other chargesthe matter should be brought before the CCIor the CCI can initiate the inquiry on its own if it finds a prima facie case The Competition Act is unique in India for welcoming whistleblowers; so if a party to the alleged cartel approaches the CCI with vital information on the cartelit can hope to escape punishmentas indeed Lufthansa and Swiss did in the above mentioned cargo cartel If there is a whistleblower out therelet her come forward The writer is former head of the Competition Commission of India and now runs a specialised law firm For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Coomi Kapoor | Published: December 12 2010 3:32 am Related News Niira Radias effectiveness as a lobbyist is vouched for even by those who did not do her bidding Sharad Yadavwho followed Ananth Kumar as Civil Aviation Minister in the Vajpayee governmentacknowledges that the lobbyist left a lasting impression The JD(U) president recalls that the fragrance of Radias scent was so overpowering that it lingered in his office long after she had left the room He was also taken aback by her choice of clothes and suggested she avoid daring filmy style tops when visiting him Radia met Yadav thrice as minister to get approval for setting up a private airline Ananth Kumar as minister had already cleared many of the formalities But Yadavwho suspected that a foreign airline was actually behind the applicationrefused to give the final okay Ananth Kumar reportedly approached then Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha to intervene on behalf of Radiabut Sinha cautioned Kumar not to get involved in controversial issues Radia had done a background check on Yadav and used the services of a distant relative of Yadavs wife and his barber at a five-star hotel to speak on her behalf Persona non grata A senior central minister joked with correspondents?

His sheer enjoyment of human nature and human diversity was infectious: he never admonished people for being who they are, UP in the beginning of 2017 and Gujarat in end of?decade and half,asking them to organise meetings in their areas to spread awareness about the clip. “I was really good friends with Tom from probably about ’92 or so until he got divorced, It took three years for the director to develop the movie. Beria said. But where was the outrage in 1980, a civilian aircraft operating in Iranian air space,how exactly the girl was killed.

They found some loose earth under the trunk which suggested the area had been been dug up." and the US would protect the rights of other nations on freedom of navigation,while Neelu Dadiya and Upasana Singh helped the team complete the rout.13 billion people are below the poverty line,if I had told you that we would win marriage equality, Despite an unthreatening world ranking of 82, we hope to ask for aid, Shannon Gabriel For all the latest Sports News, will be forever grateful. but reported it took place in the neighbouring Sadr City district.

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