Love Shanghai search engine optimization analysis of three principles follow

first, based the principle of website optimization process. We know that any one site from birth to accumulate weight to obtain the site keywords ranking process, this process is gradual and came into being with their hard work every day, this is the first point in the process mentioned above, the principle of. What are the specific details? For example to our new station, new station on the line without any premise content and weight, we should make a detailed outline of the optimization, such as every website to increase the number of high-quality articles? Weekly production site for many topics? Every day how much of the high quality of the chain? A week for the chain platform and the accumulation of collect and so on. Do these Shanghai dragon Er works best we can formulate and implement standardized and orderly, because only the optimization policy to gradually implement the optimization to the details of each step can make our work more efficient, to analyze the time in the days after the site data curve is reliable the only long time accumulation, will gradually find some rules and rules can be done to adjust, so the optimization principle of pre process is essential.

as everyone knows, website optimization is a long, slow, lasting benefits of Internet marketing, as a webmaster of the author himself in the process of optimized website formed their own unique ideas of optimization, search engine algorithm constantly upgrade, as Shanghai dragon Er we must ensure that their optimization strategy is developed and successfully the implementation in the optimization process, the author through the three aspects and detailed analysis of myself in the website optimization process of the three principles, we’re short continued to enter today’s theme of gossip.

second, middle of the principles of standardization. The website weight accumulation will let website gradually get the trust of the search engine, the middle for the website details of the optimization must be standardized, and gradually let the website into a virtuous cycle, for example, after the early accumulation may be the homepage is love Shanghai has been temporarily included, the website also gradually appeared snapshot, this is undoubtedly a little surprise for Shanghai dragon Er, later admitted to these positive signs, we should optimize their behavior norms continuously, such as the early may in order to attract spiders crawl the site we released the chain of sorts, as long as the chain of the platform flow we are cynical to publish, such as many industry forum forum signature, many webmaster forums like commercials link farms, are for one purpose to expand website exposure Shanghai love, attract spider, we see the mid web page included, snapshots appear, the operation method of course appropriate to adjust, such as the construction of the chain that we can gradually change to change from quantity to quality, in order to exposure, before the number is now stable first, we transform the outside chain operation, such as to the classification of industry information platform release product information, business news, go to the webmaster portal to articles for publication, the high correlation.