Love = Shanghai index search volume do you really understand the love Shanghai index

so, please always use love Shanghai index webmaster don’t love Shanghai index, learn to query software with some key words (such as Jinhua after word keyword tool) or love Shanghai promotion function, to explore the real search volume keywords. Your baizhanbudai, only after you master the keyword index and real search volume, you can move toward the correct path optimization. "

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in this paragraph is only referred to love Shanghai index and the "network exposure rate" and "user attention", and not a love Shanghai index and search volume, so the Shanghai index search volume is not love.

index can resort to deceit of love

look at a given official "love Shanghai index" means: the love of Shanghai index is used to reflect the keywords in the past 30 days the network exposure rate and user attention! It can vividly reflect the changing trend of the

this is the "weight loss drug list" the love of Shanghai daily search volume is 3935. (love Shanghai promotion background data obtained by

in order to distinguish between "let the webmaster more clearly love Shanghai index" and "love Shanghai search", please see below picture two.

keyword every day!

this is the "weight loss drug list" July 17th love Shanghai index, 12497

now love Shanghai index has been most owners are familiar with and use, especially the Taobao of the guest when starting a new, will first query keywords search volume index from Shanghai love inside, and then select the keywords. But when keywords ranking up, many webmaster will be very confused, why index is 1000 words, I in the first row, but the daily traffic has been even less than 500? For many of the questions, let’s uncover the true face of love Shanghai index.

many webmaster notice that there are some popular keywords "love Shanghai index" every change is very large, for example above the weight loss drug list "in the search volume No. 17, 12497, and 15 was only 4477, the difference is very big. Why cause this situation? According to the many cases concluded, in general there are two types of. A, may be some webmaster to disrupt the competitors’ footsteps, using high index keywords let the opponent can not find the direction to take them. Two, may be some webmaster want to improve their love Shanghai weight, so their row on the index before the brush up, then your site weight increase love Shanghai. About love Shanghai weight loopholes, please see this article: "love Shanghai weight calculation method and vulnerability analysis



search volume index is not love