The site has been K to restore confidence is more important than gold

when we analyze the reason of the site was when K is not terrible, terrible is that we don’t know why I was K, this website is K didn’t do what to change, is still the daily update content, send some outside the chain, even the efforts are not so big (this may also be the time is now ranked as no K one good reason). In fact, I was on the site after K is still quite rational, in front of everyone wrote an article to do Shanghai dragon website will die only Shanghai dragon website which introduced to hell, but Shanghai dragon is one of many in the promotion, not only put egg in one basket, now the site keywords ranking is not expected, I put in some other local time promotion, put more focus on the B2B, of course, love Shanghai know promotion and promotional video on the two day, actually also >


site was K after the first analysis of the reasons, my site has been the formal means of operation, never use black cap means. There is only one possible, that is the love of Shanghai K, our website is being launched in Shanghai K in the last love in the solar wind. The sea fell in love with a large number of K stations, under this kind of situation will inevitably be mistaken for K. I love Shanghai is seen, it is rather a mistake not to miss, because for our small and medium-sized enterprises to kill the wrong it did not have what interest of love Shanghai. So I came to the conclusion that love is definitely false love to Shanghai, Shanghai did not appeal what is too large, it is not like Google, Google in this area you can e-mail complaints. The analysis since it is love Shanghai so there will be a miscarriage of justice, delivered from oppression of the day. If this time should be three months to half a year’s time, my site is July 14th by K, yesterday all put out, just two months time, but not before the good keywords ranking. Now Shanghai has not fully recovered the weight of love.

is the cornerstone of confidence to do anything successfully, so not only is the website by K after we need confidence, including any attack we encounter should have the confidence to face all this blow. The website is punished is always a pain webmaster heart, the most depressing is that some Shanghai dragon new friends, but also just don’t know what it is, where is the problem, which is more terrible, there is some companies working in Shanghai Longfeng Er special cup, do not know what is called. Individuals in this still have the experience, because they also pull machine in a factory, the site was last K 10 Fen left, the boss was very unhappy, a fierce hunting after all bonuses are deducted, leaving a basic salary, of course, from the heart I have but, think this is a very responsible behavior, to go to take up this mess. I really put the website as their own child, the site was K was of course very uncomfortable, but also by the boss. This is a natural confidence in one disaster after another but I have not, is decadent, but as a warning for the future, then see how I operate: