Optimization of the life of a rookie of the grassroots

formal schools in Shanghai Longfeng should be considered to participate in combat training camp. At that time, no computer, in the cafes to listen to the YY class. But also just caught the last day, so there is not very understand. So go and see for yourself, go online to see some relevant, do not know how to ask the teacher, the teacher then estimated tired. Poor Jinhua big brother. Ha-ha。 Now remember questions also feel very funny. Then he slowly groping to practice slowly, slowly grow up. Was responsible for a gift network promotion and Shanghai dragon, to find a job in Shanghai do not understand the situation of the Dragon (laughs). Using some methods to learn to do keyword ranking, mainly outside the chain, because the content of the website not to move, there is a proposal to increase the text version, used to adjust the density of keywords and articles. At that time spent about 20 days to a key to the third, is in front of PR, high weight website, I have a new home. From that time I began to really understand a little Shanghai dragon, made some achievements after not afraid. The little confidence soared, but the company did not increase the number of traffic, just proved that he is indeed the key words up to do, and then do a number of difficult words. Over the years the company to raise, because not commensurate with the ability to feel and salary, the company did not agree to dismiss the. Because I believe there will be a better job, at that time did not want to start what, feel the ability is not mature.

initial contact to Shanghai dragon is responsible for the promotion and service on the network in a factory, then do not know exactly what is the Shanghai dragon, feel good mystery. Then I bought the "network marketing of actual combat password", "Shanghai dragon combat code", originally basically cannot read, because there are no combat, so still do not understand.

of Shanghai Longfeng grassroots rookie

recalls his experience in Shanghai dragon. It can be said to be completely cross an industry. The university is the NC professional, is to program to realize mechanical automation, and the writing process is completely different. I believe each Shanghai dragon has their own different experiences.

also resigned after the interview or a few companies, factories, there are also companies, finally chose to make Shanghai dragon Engineer in a network company. There are three reasons: one is the choice of my present pay is ok. The two is from live relatively close, don’t want to move. Three can have different sites for combat. Then began the Shanghai dragon engineer. About a month, made three station (ability is very weak.). About 20 words are common words, the difficulty is index of 1000 words. When he is not doing the blog. While the accumulation of experience while working in the company. It is self div+css, HTML, WP open source.

rookie grassroots Shanghai dragon prelude