Optimization optimization routines share a client website


site is very important, if the internal structure is clear, the optimization will like a tiger with wings added. Is the most basic, the title of the website, keywords, description we put him in order! Many websites are also made by flash, the spider can’t grab, we should get rid of the flash, a text link; Web page to update the content, make our website only constantly updated, the weight will slowly improve for, keywords ranking will have a role in promoting! Finally, I think the most important point is to optimize the customer enterprise website, it is home to add Links to the location of the website. Because many web sites are from other website construction company to do, they do not take Links this position did not go up, we should think of ways to set a Links area >

three, the website internal structure adjustment

although some sites have done for several years, but still included a digit, even the last time we pick a wedding photography, as is done with the flash, only included a home page; instead some websites, although it is just do it soon, but included all aspects of reverse link are good indicators. So the analysis of the weight of the website can link from a web site collected, love Shanghai related domain, PR website, YAHOO snapshot of the site; reverse, Google can look at Google and collected the reverse link, this is mainly for their next step how to implement the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix operation, there is a number in the heart!

to the customer site optimization, we must first understand the needs of customers, most of the customers are often required their keyword row to the first page of the position, as long as the Shanghai dragon do not understand much about customers, they tend to be what is cheap, popular keywords and long tail keywords, they are utterly ignorant of this, we only need to reach them the effect is in accordance with the requirements of customers can! The following began to talk about their


no matter what, as long as their own experience and methods to do it soon, Shanghai dragon is no exception, although the algorithm is always changing, but the methods and process optimization are approximately the same, today is our Shanghai dragon optimization promotion so long, a routine summary the main is divided into client and their website Optimization Website optimization, today to talk about the Shanghai dragon Optimization: optimization of routine customer share a website.

Before the optimization routines!

, a judge site is new or old station


received a single, this site is the first to judge is not a just made up the new station, because there was a clear distinction between the new with the old station in Shanghai Longfeng, whether it is content update, the chain layout, or keyword optimization, standing on the side of weight is certainly share the priority of the advantage, even if customers are more popular keywords, with new sites than on the time certainly much less

The adjustment of the internal structure of the

two, weight analysis of