Leaves Links exchange to find Links

1, Links platform when we found just in time for Links, in fact there are many sites suitable for connecting with our site do friendship, but can not find contact. Links platform is the ideal place for Links. There is a lot of Links platform will provide some information for each site of the Shanghai dragon, such as: included quantity, time snapshot, PR chain. Do these can be used to judge the suitability of link exchange data reference for us. There is the most Links exchange platform will classify the website, then you want to fast for their own web site Links is very convenient.


4, direct contact webmaster webmaster or link exchange we can search in the search engine related with their web site, and then open these websites for webmaster or administrator contact, then the direct link exchange. They can also find the exchange which website from the exchange has Links site exchange.

5, let others home for the link to let others take the initiative to contact their own link exchange, this time has a certain weight in your site’s success rate is relatively large. The first thing we should do on your site at the bottom left contact, then in the webmaster forum, QQ group, Links exchange platform to publish their own information link. So if there is a need to exchange the friend will get in touch with you.

the last time we have explored how the weight to analyze each website in exchange Links. So here we have to discuss how to find Links. We have the most when exchanging the Links than to find links to many websites, especially the new website is difficult to find suitable Links. This time will depend on some methods, only to find the number of Links, can choose the appropriate quality has Links.

2, webmaster website or forum site is most active, "party", the exchange platform, on top of this basically is to discuss with the Internet, websites and other relevant information. So most of the webmaster forum is "the plate Links" or similar functions with the plate. So in this there are many Links exchange information, I can quickly find in it.

3 QQ group, many webmaster friends struggling to find the right link, so we built some QQ group some need to exchange Links friends added. There are so many different Links exchange QQ group, and then we can go to join the QQ group and then find the right link.

for Links is not a difficult thing, it is important to do these details. In fact, should first do a good job of website content, website only improved weight, you can exchange more and more high-quality Links.