Shanghai Longfeng Web Page Title Optimization of several key points to note

Web Page Title Optimization of key points, one is not long but remain in the title title words within 25 words; two words is more important user needs more, try to put in front of the title; three is not too much the number of keywords in the title, to avoid prolonged weight dispersion ranking cycle is the best, keep in about 3; four is the title must be correlated with content that is to say, "

For these reasons The

page title should be at the center of the contents of the whole page and the specific point, all the contents of the page description and all optimization methods, must be carried out on the title. But the content is only around the title to start, in order to play the biggest role in the title. Because the title is not only the entrance to guide readers to read the entire article, and tell readers what is this article written. More important is to tell the search engine, the core content of this page will describe.


if the content description is not around the title means, content and related or not related to the title is not strong, so not only can not meet the needs of users to hurt the user experience, and will let the search engine recognition is not strong correlation page, to deal with different degree of drop right or directly not included. Jane Shanghai Longfeng analysis of the user in the search keywords, the search engine will give priority to match the page containing the search term in the title, as long as the word does not contain not less search words in the title page in the search results page there is almost zero chance.

Jane Shanghai Longfeng that both the sub website home page or column page, or is the long tail word content website page, the Page Title Optimization basic principle should be consistent. But when we set the page title, first need to understand is the page title role, and the entire page of the contribution, and the importance in the search engine algorithm.

love Shanghai search engine search results show that if the title words, punctuation is also included 30 words into characters is 60 characters, the title more than the digital text love the sea will be replaced by an ellipsis. This means that when users find this page in the search engine, is not to see the full title page. The title is too long to display is not complete there will be two aspects, one is the effect of the user experience of reading, two is scattered the title keyword weight, if too many descriptive words in the title, the title will lead to dilution of weight, is not conducive to the keywords ranking.

Jian Shanghai dragon out of long title, but should try to avoid long title, if the site is the standard of long title. Title words up to no more than 25 words into characters is 50 characters. The weight distribution principle in the title keywords is the keyword title in front of the more important keywords is the highest weight, gain weight and less back. The title of the weight will be distributed to each keyword contained in the title, if the title keywords too much will lead to weight increase the difficulty of dispersion, keyword ranking.