Talk about the core special class website optimization ideas

special website refers to the

forum is an interactive website, the website is called WEB2.0. Simply means that the user is browsing the web content, but also create web content. So the website optimization is the core of the main forum on shaping the value of the site, retain more and more natural user. Allow a user to come later to second times, third times. Further it is to meet the needs of users, allowing users to get their needs.

Optimization of

movie and novel site is mainly rely on advertising for profit.

1000 advertising popups fees ranging from 4-10 yuan. Then one day to profit 40-100 yuan will need 10000 advertising popups, so the novel and the movie website is mainly eat flow. I think the idea of the fastest speed to get the latest video or novel, let it appear on our website on the Internet on less and less, so the flow come naturally. For the two sites to optimize based comments, another is a share, when the user after spontaneous click Share and I think the effect is self-evident.

What is the Optimization of

for the portal site shallow sing Shanghai Longfeng suggestions from the starting segments do not do too much and not wide, we can only do a region or a topic, this kind of website can then modify the contents of acquisition in issued by.

portal website:

following Nanping Shanghai Longfeng share core special class website optimization ideas with you.


second, to add value to our products and that, what to value-added products to us? It is very simple product reviews, product reviews can be one of the important factors affecting the user’s choice, the more the higher the value of the page.

Optimization of

film and fiction website:

first, we first need to increase the richness of product information, text information, picture information combination, to meet user demand for this product.


portal is difficult to do, especially is a very big man to do portal difficulty. The amount of information portal is too large, in fact is a kind of information portal website, strong timeliness update frequency is high.

mall website mainly by the product page, then we optimize the key is very simple. The user needs is the product page content, so the optimization is the core of our product page. So how can we optimize


forum website:

In this paper, The

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special website refers to the mall, BBS, movies, novels, portals and other universal is not very high website. Like gambling, surrogacy, spread bad information website

mall website optimization ideas: