Read the love Shanghai grab and included the page analysis of value trend of love Shanghai

b) reprint operation content: it is not love love Shanghai do not reprint the content, but.

love Shanghai hope high quality sites included

The first point:

a) to create custom content: here the self created consists of two points, the first point is the administrator to create your own, usually in the blog, CMS system, and then publish some administrators own point of view, and then click and draw the user’s attention, the formation of this mode is generally based on the formation of a certain degree of visibility, then you can share feeds the authority, for example on Krypton 36, and so on, many editors published articles, then released in 36 krypton, then through this platform to the A5, Chinaz, the Internet information platform, which is also called the blog content platform; another point belongs to the open content platform, this platform the general focus on the forum, the third party blog, but now the third party blog services are very few, so it is common in the forum, because in In the forum, is the moderator maintenance content, and content generation completely from the user, the result is nothing more than quality content to be screened dragons and fishes jumbled together, to step by step is finally obtained, but the forum a lot of content at the same time let the quality of the content is not good judgment, but for the love of Shanghai, all of these can meet a certain degree of user needs, because the forum itself is a platform for users, these users often meet to meet the whole world, but remember there must prevent spam, rejected all the AD. So, these methods can create content is recommended to maintain good, every website is a responsibility of the site.

love Shanghai released Webmaster Platform, more and more people into the love Shanghai platform to get the latest news and official reports, natural love of Shanghai issued a statement generally has a certain authority, so here, I spent some time, heavy reading about Shanghai’s "love love the sea think what kind of website is more grab and included value", which introduced a lot of love to the contents of the Shanghai rules, so here, write your own feelings after reading this message, I hope you can give a friend does not bring the same information breakthrough point.

is in the article mentioned the name, I love Shanghai hope by those very helpful for the user, but the best is original, but also to meet part of the user’s needs, the content is to love Shanghai; under such an algorithm, a large number of customers have become a victim of Taobao the algorithm, updating the content of K, right down, search title could not find any product, indeed from the love of the Shanghai statement, we can easily see some changes to love Shanghai, love this large number of Shanghai Taobao K off the page, I think is right, after all, to the user sake, these pages repeated to the user is of great impact, then we should be how to obtain high-quality content according to the requirements of the original content of Shanghai

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