Several commonly used methods to increase the chain using experience

6. to develop their own software released to the famous download station

1. using the chain software, online tools and other techniques

3. exchange Links

The release of

blog is really a good way to increase the chain, but the one or two blog is clearly not enough. Some owners in order to increase the chain, once for a hundred to a space. This method carefully and properly used, is indeed a good choice. But remember. Don’t use Blog Tools Group suddenly send hundreds of Blog search engine, or to be considered cheating. If you want to apply for a blog then I suggest for love Shanghai space, love Shanghai after all would prefer its own products

My blog

my new station on the line, their effectiveness has been explored in several effective methods to increase the chain, here to share with you my own experience and hope to have the help of

I have to admit that this is a very good method, I published an article by Chinaz and Admin5, after a period of time there are some outside the chain. This disadvantage is the number is not very large, the advantage is the quality of the chain is ideal. I have made a statistics, published my article to Chinaz and Admin5, with about 200 of the chain effect in love Shanghai, around 50 of them are about the high quality the chain, in general, the effect is good

of this kind of software is nothing more than a URL will be submitted to the various webmaster query tool platform, because those sites have a history record query function, when the search engine to collect those records, actually increased the number of the chain for the website I use these tools to try, is not that surprising effect of this method may suddenly increase a lot of the chain, it may not be very useful for the new station, increase the chain is a long-term process. A sudden surge in the chain, and after a long time does not increase, this approach is extremely unwise

2. soft Wen to famous website.

this method for new Adsense is very difficult, because the general webmaster not to exchange new Links, even exchange, or pay, or the station is not zayang. The characteristics of exchange chain is generally low quantity, high quality


The principle of

4. using the network favorites tool

this method is also a good choice, but the number to many things, then you have to apply for some network favorites, but also some trouble

this is a good way, I developed a gadget in Dortmund download station, was included after some other small download stations have also included my work, and I also I found some small download stations have to my station links, which are some of the chain is very Yes, and I have a part of the flow from.