Those things from this exchange interpretation of a chain of allusions

three in the mother will ever move to the cemetery, beside the bazaar, and Mencius neighborhood children learn adult worship, the pig, which directly affects the development of the mind, this environment is not a good environment. In the same site in the operating environment, who want to use black hat techniques to improve rankings or misleading way to attract visitors to the site of the not good neighbors.

then, if a site with our high correlation and weight is also good, we can not exchange directly with the friends of the chain. We also need the performance in the search engine’s specific analysis. We want to ensure that you want to link the site clean background. For example, some sites in the search results will be prompted to dangerous sites, as shown below.


so how are we to our site to select a "good neighbor"

> ?


of these sites also include illegal sites, spamming, link farms, keyword stuffing, hidden text and so on the poor quality of the site, the site is vulnerable to search engine punishment. And if our site and the site of the chain of cooperation, will be no ground for blame seriously affected. In October 23rd, Shanghai official issued a love link algorithm to update the report, "upgrade" super chain cheating algorithm, which describes some of the love of Shanghai on spam links. At the same time, a part of the chain is also one of the garbage. In 25, the update algorithm we can also see a lot of site punished.

Chinese is a famous story, that is three, allusion is about litterateur Mencius mother worried about his son’s studies by neighbors, then moved three times. Eventually settled in the next to a private school, let Mencius can concentrate on learning. This story shows the social environment with a person, especially there is a direct relationship between the growth of teenagers. Mencius later became the University asked the home, and the social environment of his influence has great relationship. This allusion to our enlightenment is also applicable to Youlian exchange. A good friend chain is like a good neighbor, the sooner you will get better ranking, opposite to drag you. Especially for the new station.

so for our site is what the chain is a "good neighbor" what is "bad neighbors"

Mencius mother want children grow up as an educated man, the last time the relocation site is next to a private school, private school is the ancients reading places, is consistent with the idea. We can see the environmental choice must have certain correlation. Our site is the same, if you download a system, and the chain is one of your cosmetics site, then the "neighbors" for our site is not the best, of course, if the weight of the other side of the site is also very high.