share my experience of the website is how to improve the weights of the railway station

!2) the amount of !

webmaster want to increase the weight of the railway station, so the first thing to do is to find a fixed time to update the site, make your site into Shanghai will love the law of love website, why? The reason is very simple, because I love Shanghai love a regular web site, if your site is updated regularly every day, and insist for a long time, then love will give Shanghai website the weights of the reward high


in addition, the owners need to pay attention to several issues when adding Links, one can not add too much Links in a short period of time, otherwise the site is easy to love Shanghai as cheating, which severely punished love Shanghai; two with other sites to exchange friendship link before should look at the site the "quality" and "quantity", Links quality if the other site is too poor, and Links.


released some high quality chain

content updated quality!

believes that made the website or have a little understanding of love Shanghai webmaster all know, just the general line of the railway station, basically is not what weight, but not what the weights of the website basically is very difficult to get traffic, from love Shanghai. Why? Because you have no weight is equal to the love of Shanghai will not be so fast included your site, not so fast included your site there will be what ranking, and no ranking of course won’t get what traffic, so the site to site traffic, need to weight, that we want to how to improve the weight of the website

also, in addition to find a fixed time to update the website, for the content of quality issued by the management is also very important, if possible, might as well find some time every day to write some original content of hair, and the original content is not too much, every day to send a one or two foot, after all you just the line of the railway station, too love Shanghai might not included


is the so-called "content is king, the chain for emperor", it says to the webmaster to ensure that the quality of the content, to optimize the site from the site, but the site is not enough to rely on the original content, the website also needs the support of the high quality chain. Therefore, when they have to try the weight good site or forum to see, can not see on their website or forum to leave our site outside the chain. Of course, if the owners do not want to bother, also can write soft text into the famous Adsense website forum is reproduced on other websites, more websites, so you can get more the chain!


it is in order to enhance the weight of the website, or in order to enhance the site’s ranking, or in order to improve the PR value of the site, our web site are not Links, so if you’re free it to other websites or forums to see, to see if there is no suitable site with us exchange Links!

3) moderate add Links