Keywords industry website construction layout

2, create a special page to put the primary key, which is why Dong’ou valve network there will be some ball valve, butterfly valve, such as static pages of centrifugal pump. This page is completely in order to optimize the construction of. Every page, both love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the shadow, there is also a site of the industry needs some information, such as the small ball, small type butterfly valve, ball valve ball valve products, the most important technical articles etc.. It forms a completely original, a ball valve or butterfly valve on the page. The primary key is arranged.

3, the main long term, many industry site with love search page to call the shots of the long tail word page. This is a very personal page that no advantage. Let us first look at what is the long tail word, small class that is the ball, such as stainless steel.

is a slightly larger point of the industry, there must be one or several successful industry station. And today, if you want to build an industry station, then through Shanghai Dragon technology is the inevitable choice in drainage station. Because in many industries, there have been one or several First impressions are strongest industry stand, which has been firmly occupy the industry and enterprise users, or occupy the industry keywords ranking. If we want to catch up with and even surpass them, must work hard. This paper will discuss together with you, the layout of the website construction industry keywords. Because the author has been engaged in the valve industry, this paper will take some words to the valve industry as an example to explain that, if you do not know where readers, please refer to your familiar industry.

type valve industry site, the biggest name of products is the valve and pump, such as the maximum amount of search, can be the most important keywords. The valve also below the sub categories, such as ball valve, butterfly valve, gate valve; a centrifugal pump, pump the sewage pump, pipeline pump etc.. This word is the main keywords. The ball below and stainless steel ball valve, flanged ball valves, valve etc. these words the Dong’ou it when the valve network is master of the long tail keywords to do. What is a long tail keywords valve industry site? That is the valve industry valve industry information and related technical articles. There is the name of the enterprise in the valve industry can also be defined as the long tail keywords. After qualitative the words well, is how to layout these words.

1 home, put such valves and pumps the main keywords, this is without doubt. Of course, some industry site love put it the name of the site, such as Dong’ou valve network. I think this is completely unnecessary. Because of this brand word, a site of the industry is only one, others will not tell us the name of the repetition. So the word can generally be simply ranked in the first search engine. There are a lot of love in the optimization sub columns, such as business, enterprise, supply, purchase and other such page keywords, individuals do not recommend this here. So what do we do?