One month time to flow through


maybe in the eyes of many people, the optimization is one thing, it’s not. The product is different for different people, different ways of optimization. Especially targeting, the social will be different. For example, some people will play micro-blog without visiting the forum, and some people go to the forum and micro-blog. For those who love here in the forum above the chain post signature of the chain is not universal, immediately do, the effect is relatively poor.

chain exchange practices, here I speak separately for the station link and home page in the chain. Here I recommend doing a back, and the bottom of each column can also be different, and with more website chain exchange. Of course is the inside pages change within the page. This will not only bring to the site outside the chain more, enhance the weight of keywords, it is of great benefit to Google PR, which ultimately increases the overall weight of the site. This is the implementation of traffic surge one very important reason.


is like a chain is also some reasons, but this actually not much difference with you, or more than three points of operation in place, I believe this effect can also achieve the webmaster friends website. The article by health net 贵族宝贝zbysw贵族宝贝/ feeds, please indicate the source, thank you

data can see the site peak valley slope slope, in fact, is also a common weekend with different data. The first statement, when I took over the site in March more than 10, when the traffic stayed at 1100IP has been a very long time, and I took over, the suitable site positioning way after the promotion has been a qualitative improvement. The following paper back to the topic, the specific methods of operation:

, a website for a clear positioning

three, not the same chain exchange

I always think the best share is to get experience out of their own, how to put the data, operation method. Although some people fear that others learn technology, but in fact is not the case. Optimization of Shanghai general method Longfeng people know, perseverance, so don’t be afraid to share. I came here to share the last month after the operation of a website to achieve traffic surge results. The author first attach operation:

two, competitor analysis

we can win. The analysis of competitors, that they can not only promote the optimization way of learning useful information here, they do not place further optimization, so as to easily surpass them.