How to write an article can be reprinted in the soft Wen Shanghai dragon when

three, walk with the predecessors of the conversation.

as shown in the title, the ways of sharing experience is to make the webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng, get a lot of the chain by means of the soft wen.

Two, concerned about the current dynamic

our starting point is not high, is still in the stage of the webmaster friends to write text, that resources with team size are still much room for improvement, so we need some sincere heart to communicate with colleagues to consult. Webmaster graph king Zhang Zhengjun, Shanghai dragon WHY Cardiff, are the best example of this field, although the achievement of our distant, but again, these people are friendly and patient, at least me by email or message questions have been back to a needle see blood. In addition, we also have friends in QQ, master there, with a modest sincere attitude to communicate with them, not only to deepen your friendship has knowledge, at the same time, if we can experience these you get organized by language, written text to share to everyone, it is likely a >

, read a lot of articles and the industry columnist


at first glance, we write soft with current Shanghai dragon seems to be nothing, in fact. We live in the society, even if we write a soft Wen, is an element in this society, therefore, in turn, the soft with dynamic society there is a certain correlation, for example, recently is the heat of the European Cup, we can use the characteristics of the sport, come out of this the idea of the importance of teamwork in Shanghai dragon, and can organize language to write their own articles. The main advantage of this approach is that there is a certain freshness, can cause netizens interest in reading. Of course, the search engine also love new things.

back to the topic, the following methods are common sources of ideas when I write:

this method in my written text of the day, that is the most effective and scientific method. Having read more than ten thousand books, writing if there is God, said this is the reason, this method can play a very good effect of two, first: to increase your knowledge and insight; second: you can find a lot of inspiration and write text to find numerous knowledge points to the soft material.

review of this knowledge, the chain of soft

what effect?The actual

we said, the chain of soft Wen can make the chain corresponding to the site, have a better fame in the Internet, regardless of the user or to the search engine, more likely to have access to the site, to emphasize the user experience oriented search engine ranking environment. Only let the search engine or users access to your web site, the next step is the user experience that, therefore, the chain of soft Wen can be simply understood as "grasping the eyeball".