Shanghai dragon Er read H tags how to use it more perfect


1, H tags in the Shanghai dragon in

said H tags, you may also know the importance of it, but not every H tag is very important, so how can we use these H tags to be more perfect? Let him play a greater value in Shanghai Dragon Technology in

H tag is a search engine to identify the page title tag, it can quickly make a web page search engine to identify our website where is the title, and the search engine spiders know the title, and contain the keywords in the title, for our optimization is not more friendly. Add H tag does not necessarily equate to the title of the page, you can put the title part as the title page, and H tags understood as the title of the inside pages


H tag h1/h2/h3/h4/h5/h6, H1 were the largest font font smaller, but it is the bold effect. We often used in the h1/h2/h3 is the three, of course, since we use certainly indicates that it is one of the factors that influence the website ranking. Figure for effect of H1 to H6 in turn, of course, this is the default size, you can also make your program is to modify its size and color.


said H tags and page title you want to open a better understanding of this understanding, I say I used in practice for H tags. I will be divided into two types, the first of my website is do home page ranking or the whole page and inside pages need ranking (page ranking, page link building is also very important).

3, how to use the H tag in the page


first case: only need home page ranking, I will put the H1 tag at the site of the lock head, also is the site for logo, because this is the website of each page will be, so each page H1 tag is this, which also I tell the search engines the entire site is the main thrust of this point, the whole are in general around it, the contents of H1 and (title) as the site title. According to the present for this use, there are a lot of argument, that this strike will be judged as cheating, black hat is Shanghai dragon, but according to my statistics, there is no right down because of this website, you can refer to do. If you are like this, and the column page or product page title you can use the H2 tag, and if there is a sidebar, you can use the H3 tag. If there is no content in the subtitle of the use of H3, then the right sidebar here can bold >

The effect of ?

H refers to the need to use natural label code tags in HTML pages, so we should from which aspects to do? And what does the note? Use the following Zhao Yangang and you together in my blog about the Shanghai dragon H tag.

2 H tag, which has several