Shanghai dragon Er also worry about how to optimize the inside pages you learn to love Shanghai

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content is the core and soul of a website, we need to optimize the inside pages also need to make the content of this one. Love is the experience of Shanghai have so good rankings, in addition to its high weight naturally, but also depends largely on its content. There are many aspects of love Shanghai experience content worthy of our reference, the author came to pick.

so, optimization of love Shanghai experience is very worthy of our study. Well, cut the crap, optimize work I now come and we briefly analyze the love which aspects of the Shanghai experience is worth us to learn



Shanghai dragon’s work is a comprehensive work, it is necessary to do the station outside the station, but also do good, both to optimize the home page, and page optimization. For the optimization of the home page, a lot of Shanghai dragon ER may say no difficulty, but to optimize the inside pages but is not so complicated. Page optimization is also very important, only put a lot of pages after optimization, in order to fundamentally improve the website traffic and conversion rate.

now love Shanghai algorithm tells us that the three function of the label is becoming less obvious, but this does not mean that we do not need to pay attention to optimize the three major labels. Do these three big label optimization, not only can make the inside pages of our higher ranked, but also by the optimization of some long tail keywords, and then enhance the flow. Love the experience of Shanghai has done well, let’s take a look at its three major label source code:

from the simple analysis and reference:

page optimization indeed is not a simple matter, but we can learn from the inside pages optimization of some excellent websites, such as the product of Shanghai Shanghai love – love experience. Shanghai love experience as a page in the love of Shanghai, can be said to optimize the work done very well, can love from Google, Shanghai ranked the observed, search the same problem, love Shanghai experience can always in the first place:

second: optimization of

(2) keyword can choose to write three to four keywords, keyword correlation from high to low to write, as above, this can improve the keywords broad degree, can also be more optimization;


(3) as for the description method of the title, to the beginning of the first paragraph in words, but not more than 120 words, otherwise you may be in love with the sea with an ellipsis omitted.

(1) title tags written by the best title + brand word written, it can make the search engine more recognition of your website brand word, enhance brand word ranking;

: the first three major label optimization