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whether the entity shop or online shop, most of the seller is from the wholesale market purchase. Because although manufacturers are hand, the profits in the price is relatively large, but the general manufacturers have a certain big customers, they usually do not work with small sellers. So when you haven’t finally decided what to sell, go to the wholesale market and make an unexpected surprise.

we started the company in order to achieve their own business, is the establishment of the cause, there was no ready-made conditions, so the establishment of the enterprise. Now is not the same, and want to achieve their own career, not necessarily have to start the enterprise, as long as there is a platform to meet your career dream, and use this platform, work is also a kind of entrepreneurship.

1, wholesale market

if only the business as a business, will increase social friction, increase the vicious competition in the same field, the more competitive field, the quality of employees is poor, vicious competition is also more. With tens of thousands of entrepreneurial losers to foil a small number of successful people, the price is too great. Monday, February 05, 2007 1:52 PM

personally, when I first began to set up shop, the purchase of the problem is very troubled me, check a lot of information, and ran, do not know how many places, and finally the yellow sky, heart ah. I found a lot of good shopping channels. Here, I have only one sentence, the novice seller said, "no, the best, only the most suitable for their own."". Well, don’t say much nonsense, here is my summary of the various sources of goods, we must choose the kind of suitable for yourself.

is now no better than before 2000. If you started your own business, assuming the success rate of 1/1000000 was 1/10000 by 2000, then the success rate is now.

regards his work as a career, but in fact, it is a business, a higher success rate, greater social value of entrepreneurship.

2, the wholesale market is suitable for part-time sellers, here purchase time and quantity are more free.

the country’s largest wholesale market is mainly concentrated in the city, but also to many sellers is not far away the wholesale market. So, at this time, Alibaba as a network wholesale platform, fully demonstrated its superiority. For many small sellers to provide a great choice of space, it is not only easy to find information, but also for small sellers to provide appropriate services, and the starting volume is very small.

can get their jobs as their own careers to look at, depending on your employment mentality, or entrepreneurial mindset, the former is doomed to dawdle, the same age, two different mentality, three years is a huge difference, in terms of ability or income.

two, wholesale at Alibaba website

3, the wholesale market price is relatively low, for online shop is easy to achieve small profits, but also conducive to the accumulation of credit online shop transactions.

2, everyone in the website purchase the best choice when the support of Alipay or is a member of the products. Ali >

1, Alibaba not only wholesale purchase, as well as a small amount of auction purchase, which are Taobao sellers favorite way of purchase.

1, the wholesale market of more goods, varieties, quantity is sufficient, we can have a large selection. And it’s easy to get ‘better than three’.

business is not the founder of the company, the key is to look at how you understand, but now young people choose to finish school even finish school is the founder of the company, the success rate is obviously a selection of the lowest.

of Li Xiang

I suggest young people as the "employment" as "business", the "industry" as a cause, with a good platform, regard him as their own careers, as their learning space, to deal with the entrepreneurial mentality, to rely on their own efforts to achieve their dreams. You will be able to succeed in business, this is the definition of success, you can become a real elite, can let the boss to respect you the elite, which can not be casually dismissed out the dawdle of wage earners.

many want to open online shop or novice seller, just beginning to consider the most, I’m afraid that is about the supply of convenience. Since the opening shop, the purpose is to profit, and the same would like to do a small shop, in addition to price concessions, but also must have the best quality assurance. So, looking for the right source of goods must be a bit of a headache for sellers,

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in comparison, the wholesale market is indeed a good choice for novice sellers, and if you live in a big city, there is a large wholesale market, you might as well go there to see it, I promise not to let you down. If you live in a smaller city. No wholesale market, it does not matter, all roads lead to Rome, there will be suitable for your road, as long as you look at the patient down oh.