Data analysis wise remark of an experienced person close relationship between PV and the Shanghai dr

PV data

data analysis is a difficult but very interesting work, need to master some analysis techniques can make accurate analysis for some problems, for the novice, the analysis is difficult, but as long as more than of exercise, the accuracy of the analysis will gradually improve, this work is very important for future optimization. Recommended novice at the time of the analysis, the excess of other people, for people with established to do. There are a lot of data analysis, the author today is a simple analysis about the relationship between the PV and the Shanghai dragon, I hope everyone can learn something.

PV data cannot be analyzed separately, and the separate analysis of PV is of no significance, must be combined with IP analysis.

PV data analysis

when the PV number is larger than IP and the number of multiples of the larger, reflecting high quality web content, users love browsing your site, except for the exhibition of course, because the picture website hit rate is very high, recommend and peers. To improve the ratio of PV and IP, is essentially to reduce the rate of jump out of the page, a page out rate to be determined by the user, in addition to providing users love the content outside but also avoid spam and edge flow, because garbage content and edge flow causes word website jump out rate increased, the content of the word to the edge poor, to solve the needs of users is not very good, causing the user jump out rate. General PV and IP lower than the industry ratio >

website optimization process, data analysis is essential, but also spend most of the time we work, generally speaking, in the time of optimization, data analysis to occupy 70% of the time, while the other 30% of the time is to perform optimization. In fact, many owners do not pay attention to this piece of data analysis, when the site appears problem was analyzed, in fact, on the site optimization is very negative, not as soon as possible to solve the problem so as to avoid the damage site. Site optimization personnel must enhance their analytical skills continuously in the usual work, in order to make the site optimization road farther and more stable.

PV data analysis, is conducive to the quality of our website content page is evaluated, the higher the PV page, so the page is more excellent in line with the needs of users (login and registration pages except). If we know which page PV is high, pay more attention to the content of the page, users in the end what love of this page, and then provide users more content of love. Through the analysis of the PV, can help us to quickly identify user needs within the page and directory, then we will take the best entrance resources available to these users demand such as home page, the best link is below the entrance navigation, demand content displayed in the first time, increase benefit in the pages of pv.

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