Composition analysis of seven required a successful optimization scheme

three, the optimization goal

as an optimization personnel, you must know who is your target visitors, you need a detailed analysis, classification, see you the goals of the site visitors mainly is what kind of people. For example, if your site is if the electronic commerce class, visitors to your main purpose for your site is basically shopping, your page is conducive to their purchases are to be considered. Only for the purpose of the site visitor behavior are analyzed in detail, then we can go to the site of the optimization.


site optimization need to know ourselves, in our opponents have a deeper understanding of course, the more critical is to know clearly to their own problems. This requires us to in-depth analysis on our site. Such as our site content sources, the correlation of the chain, the use of H tags, the use of nofollow and so on. When you are after analysis, you will see you where the gap with rivals.

two and its website

Localization of

analysis of industry peers in site

optimization personnel, both our own and optimize their site, or pick a single optimization site, in the beginning before, which needs a relatively complete optimization scheme, this is like a webmaster guidelines, with this scheme, we can be more efficient to carry out optimization work we, then for the optimization scheme we should how to write to the more perfect? The author will share us in the construction of a optimization scheme is required to consider the seven part today.

Some optimization of Analysis of

there is an old saying: the enemy, know yourself. This is the use of the site and optimize our. In the end we analyze keywords, we are going to analyze the competition situation of the rival site, analysis of the gap between how much, be aware of. Then the optimization plan for our main analysis to some data which site? The author thinks that the collection, such as site site weights, domain name age, the history of the domain name, site keywords layout, the main source of the content of the original degree and so on data content requires detailed analysis. In order to have a plan, to lay the foundation for the next optimization strategy.

through the above several parts of the main analysis, you must have for your competitors and their sites have a more in-depth understanding, then, to make the optimization goal you. It can not be the goal, do optimization is the same, we need a short and long term goals. For the optimization goal I think is to some of the more important optimization indicators are refined, and then set goals, and objectives for a given period of time.

four, the website target user groups

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