Tomb sweeping Day with timeliness of promotion for thousands of traffic

this picture is not what works for professional programmers, it is probably a few minutes can be finished, but for me this is the amateur HTML out of the people, in order to complete this stuff, I got three in the morning, nothing special.

the day before Tomb-sweeping Day you have been thinking of how to use Tomb-sweeping Day to my site to bring a little bit of traffic, but only has been pondering the state, did not find a suitable inspiration, the day before the evening has been in a state of insomnia, in banxingbanshui state, as if someone told me a the use of the Internet, the grave in the form of promotion website, that time is 11:30, I get up to open the computer, so the following works out.

this is my new Jiuwen network, operation time less than a month, the usual traffic is like more than 100 points, but through the combination of these events, a lot of traffic, but unfortunately, I have not the grave in this Internet page to Jiuwen network, I only test results, and with the brand word may be a little people do not want to participate in the interaction, direct effect. So then the page no advertising or additional things.

said this is very technical content? No, I is modeled on the Tencent of the Nanjing massacre news page, through their page modified, is saved as a page, and then modify the pictures is done. But if, as a webmaster so little do not understand, and that there is no way to give you this way.

is on the one hand, on the other hand, I made a fool of things in the Tomb-sweeping Day night, because of course website on April Fool’s Day program, so I didn’t mind considering the April Fool’s Day promotion, to engage in a Tomb-sweeping Day did fool thing, that is I in five million.

The Methods: using the Google

a few days ago is ready to take the ticket used on April Fool’s day, but TM did not open on April Fool’s Day award, so until Tomb-sweeping Day, when Tomb-sweeping Day sent such a video in WeChat and QQ space, looks like comments and points like good results, but I am just in the QQ space and WeChat active, do not want to let people see what I do, so this article about, I don’t have any purpose, only entertainment. But this time we can tell, similar to the method used.

too many people Tomb-sweeping Day didn’t have the chance to go back, can call back greetings, or talk about our ancestors that something on the internet. So I work the starting point, after everybody looks like this works with a finger print on the last page, according to a fingerprint even the grave, the last one is that reproduced. A time, a grave, plus an induction forwarding, so this thing is not successful do not say first, give me the website attracted more than 1000 traffic.

browser, search Shuangseqiu, then click mail view elements in element >