The interpretation of love Shanghai outside the chain of judgment what kind of chain is the chain

has another website a number of links in a website, it is OK, but if these links have the same link, then it is not a good link but invalid garbage chain

in the "chain" in judgment clear judgment chain quality standards: whether the user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific high quality recommendations significance. That is to say, love Shanghai more important is quality relationship between the chain and the chain and recommended recommended. Here you have to say to the correlation, in order to determine whether the chain is recommended whether really recommend and the chain has the advantages of high quality, the chain itself and recommended the chain page must have relevance. Therefore, the relevant attribute is one of the important standards of the chain is good or bad.


3, the release of the chain to the extent of

The distribution of ?

4, outside the chain

so, to sum up, what kind of link is a good link to


fell in love with the sea published an article about the chain the article, which clearly love Shanghai for the site outside the chain attitude, green radish algorithm Lenovo to launch before the love of Shanghai, some owners may mistakenly believe that love Shanghai has the chain as the weight of the algorithm of two level factors, but I don’t think. In the semantic analysis of Shanghai failed to reach the love to accurately analyze the content as well as the bottom of the importance of love, Shanghai still need to link the recommendation to map a page value. Love the sea launched one after another and that the chain related algorithms and rules more shows, outside the chain of recommendation can strongly affect web page ranking, but love Shanghai foreign chain standards more stringent. So what kind of chain is the chain of

if a chain difficulty released in a web site is higher, so the quality of the chain is greater, may not be absolute, but for most

2, volume

later in the article talked trash chain and cheating outside the chain, and clarifies that the forum signature, webmaster tools chain for the chain of garbage, and not included in weight. There is a characteristic of the BBS signature, is in the possession of the same chain a large number of similar pages (whether text links or anchor text link), so it can be inferred that the station link will be considered junk the chain. The webmaster tools chain is also regarded as a waste of the chain, that is automatically generated by the program’s Web site was also regarded as the sea love junk the chain (just love Shanghai’s recognition is able to identify problems, if recognized, so is the garbage chain). As for cheating in the chain, black chain link, etc. have been able to love Shanghai effective recognition, please treat the webmaster.

1, the content ofThere is a correlation between the

chain and the chain’s web page, the correlation is high, the quality of the chain is higher

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