The nine elements of web page optimization

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keyword density is an important factor in search engine ranking algorithm. However, do not stack keywords, which tends to be counterproductive. As long as the natural writing, keywords appear in the appropriate proportion, especially the weight of the first paragraph is high, remember the appropriate words.

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two, keywords and description tags

from the web page optimization and user experience point of view, the picture add ALT attribute is very necessary for page optimization. Because the search engine that all web pictures should be closely associated with the subject of the page, the search engine to determine the keyword density, the ALT property is one of the search engine’s reference point. >

2. words in the title of

article was collected, a user clicks is not completed in one time. Therefore, we can not only contain the keywords in the headline of time, need more title to attract the user’s attention, let him click a look.

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1. density

Title Format

when making web page article, not only to the web page target keywords, but also to support the target keywords keywords similar semantic and main keyword keywords in the vicinity. Why? You can search search engine keyword semantic index "to learn to understand, there is no burden to explain.



four, ALT

as Shanghai dragon ER must do is web page optimization, page optimization is to do more on the search engines to crawl web pages for the website included. Therefore, page optimization is very important, here are 9 optimization points, can help you understand if you do page optimization, better make your website content greatly enhance.

generally, title to write concise and comprehensive; because love Shanghai up to show the number of words is 30, Google is about 32, so, in order to improve the user experience is the most commonly recommended keywords, the title of the article in 10-20 words right.

2. similar semantic keywords

generation of web page title format is best: "the title – column classification name site name". This is set in the website programming.

many webmaster promotion personnel may now have not noticed, now the mainstream search engines now ranking algorithm is no longer used Keywords tag, description tag! So now, Keywords tag, description tags for search engine ranking has no effect! But still has a certain influence on the site traffic! Good description can guide the user clicks on your website.