Love is old in Shanghai crime or mistress Palace

clearly, love Shanghai has been committed to improve the search experience for its users, this Notice Update within 3 days, no big changes, but the storm before the calm is inevitable. Sure enough, in August 25th, when the morning open a computer, find love Shanghai and gave himself a blow. K station is still no improvement, while standing keywords normal rankings fell to one hundred outside, on the stand by. The forum also on the matter was not the author of a There were many discussions., the station is so love Shanghai this is a not a small update.

Google announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market, most of the domestic webmaster began to search engine optimization love Shanghai, love Shanghai search search engine for the domestic giants in recent years quickly jump up in Shanghai love hand shrouded environment, every time the algorithm updates are not a small blow to some adsense.

then, after the words of the site, I found an interesting phenomenon, the keywords ranking more than the author’s website without exception is on-line less than half of the new sites, such as the "Wuhan gastrointestinal hospital", No. 25 before the station has been ranked third, the top two are:

6.28 events precipitated after two months, August 22nd love Shanghai Webmaster Platform and update a notice, let’s take a look at the contents of the announcement from the end of June last update: our anti cheating algorithms have achieved good results, some low quality content in search results is cleared, the overall site quality more traffic. But our algorithm upgrade does not end, before we recently added more features, it will further reduce the search results in the low quality of the show. The purpose is to make good results, is still the original site to get more shows, so as to enhance the user search experience, maintain fairness and healthy development of the Internet ecosystem. The love of Shanghai system upgrade, hit mainly as random sampling, influence the user experience of the website chain cheating etc..

a recent love Shanghai big update to the webmaster is afraid to talk about "love Shanghai 6.28 incident, a week later, Shanghai love gives own explanation: in order to enhance the user search experience love Shanghai love Shanghai in order to enhance the user search experience, the quality of site is original, or false original (rarely original content, content or machine generated / a large collection of the Amendment) were against the object. Love Shanghai claimed that their strategy has reached a very high accuracy rate, despite their accuracy rate how much do not talk, the author is concerned, dozens of medical stations on hand, in this update is K at most, and these methods usually handle the station are the same, each site the station layout, the quality of the chain are basically synchronous, there is no difference. 6.18 after the same means of operation site or K some intact, is really an elusive. This update from the hands of the station, Shanghai is not the love they say, can be very high recognition of garbage sites and the high quality of the site.