Looking for the chain fell due to the chain optimization Bottleneck Breakthrough

so according to this point we want to avoid the sharp reduction in the construction site outside the chain, it will increase the original content, whether from the construction of the chain on.

in fact, these reasons are the appearance of things, cause a sharp decline in the number of chain is that you created website, whether from the content or the chain, has repeated construction problems, like the country as in previous years, 4 trillion of the investment, has led to overcapacity in many industries, the industry of repeated construction due to the market downturn, if there is duplication of construction site, and the ultimate aim is to love Shanghai as much as possible to provide information to the user, and the most convenient location to help users find information, so a lot of duplication of content, love in Shanghai will be a shield or screen outside the chain of the site in this context will naturally have shown a sharp downward trend.

so the chain a sharp decline in the number of? Many owners would think about it, and love Shanghai the adjustment of the algorithm, some people think that, "the repeatability is too high, such as many web content is love Shanghai repeat included, these content and the chain is multi site, when after the love of Shanghai is optimized, then the number of the chain will be compressed. Others think website article content is collected, not what value, then love Shanghai included reducing the number, nature also leads to a decrease in site outside the chain.

! !What are the main reason for the

so how to avoid the rapid decline of the site outside the chain of pain? Through the analysis of the reasons in depth understand, that is whether the construction of the chain or the content of construction, to avoid risk of repetitive construction. This many webmaster also exists some misunderstanding, that repetitive construction is a kind of plagiarism, then we are pseudo original or the same theme with different language compilation, it can avoid the risk of duplication of

can in fact with the love of Shanghai intelligent algorithm to enhance the degree of the pseudo original, and to make only superficial changes approach has been difficult to escape the love Shanghai stuff, such as now a lot of head pain love Shanghai it is difficult to know the question and answer these questions and answers, in fact the content many are repeated, even if the answer is the text there are a lot of changes, but eventually, naturally it is difficult to obtain love Shanghai know recognition, but if you know love in Shanghai on some rare or strange questions, then the rate of audit will be very high, which shows the desire to love Shanghai for the content of the original, this is also why the quick launch an important reason for the original spark program

with love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, many engaged in Shanghai Longfeng optimized website often broke the chain appeared a sharp decline in the number of problems, some sites even the chain fell half of the tragedy, in this context, the website ranking and weight nature will be significantly affected, so look for the fundamental reason of the sharp decline in the number of the chain, in order to find a solution, plays an important role to break through the bottleneck of the chain optimization