SEMFLY how to cultivate the aura of Shanghai dragon when do website

" field is a new vocabulary, translation is attractive, charming, so many people always want to cultivate the field, in order to enhance their charm, let more people love their own culture, so now is a very popular field of knowledge, of course, this word is not a single field to a person, we can drag it to the Internet industry, training site atmosphere, in order to attract popularity, improve the visibility of our own site, of course, the Internet industry in which the most important is not the site of the gas field, but the promotion, as long as out of the promotion website, and the website of the gas well this is the most effective method, and the site is now so much, how talent shows itself in many industry sites, only do website aura, so It will be more effective, how to do promotion, improve the site field? The following combination of website promotion to share how to develop the site field.

, a website inside how to make Shanghai attractive to dragon

The word "

first if the website is not culture atmosphere, how to make a website in the Internet industry in the field, because there are many websites are their competitors, in so many competitors in talent shows itself is not easy, so the first website when we want to be those things, and put in where is the most suitable site of the first structure title is the best in the key words don’t put all keywords embedded in it, the best way is to use a word in the form of display, and the key words embedded in, of course, repeat keywords can be omitted, as long as there was a key, and the title in the title not too long. This website was more professional, and in meta description must use professional company description, keywords natural embedding, repeat Key words can be omitted, and the meta keyword can only repeat embedded keywords, keywords don’t omit, next site navigation bar, most navigation bar are displayed in the form of images, this is no problem, the navigation picture must be added to ALT, can be embedded in a keyword, and navigation bar general website homepage, the latest news, company profile, product display, you can contact, more is of no use, this simple navigation bar is more attractive, such as semfly贵族宝贝 navigation bar set is very clear. If the site is too complex, complicated operation, the user experience will decrease greatly, and every day we have to do the update in the latest news, and each article naturally embedded keywords, and the first words appear in bold, adding hyperlinks and bold, so improve the user experience, but also help to improve the ranking, in the navigation bar below the general site will appear banner, this is the disadvantage of a website, so I suggest that the banner part can be omitted from the latest update, can appear in Banner’s article, this helps spider crawling, >