Shanghai Longfeng focus an analysis of the website optimization more from scratch

for any website all cannot do without Shanghai dragon, even if the money is so in consumption. After all, web site operators to post more is to create long term. Some people may say that by "user", but even now as strong as the Tencent to do the long tail, after all, in the China search engine is the boss, there is such a resource and not using? And the station is so, bigger and stronger, every day must be closely linked with the search engine. Although demanding, but grew up is not the essence, more likely to promote the development of the network. In which including some ambitious, insist on not to wait for the dawn of success, but the sword easy road, although have certain effect, but most of them died in the moment before dawn. Take the recent rain in Shanghai dragon, is a good example? If the solid foundation, it is not just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

details determine success or failure, as the reason of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Many owners think site optimization is only the simple structure of the organization, to write the original hair outside the chain, really? The former belong to an important part of the web site optimization, but still not all. The fierce competition in the development of the industry, or even a part of the optimization in place may lead to loss of the back to the front. If the owners continue to indulge in every detail of the optimization is not in place, and how to win at the edge of Many a little make a mickle.? Winning edge, competition is not only the perseverance and persistence, more is that every details have to do, do. No empty shell and no real, eventually complained that the website "half-dead" will not forgive others.

website optimization is a necessary process for profit, how to improve website ranking is the website optimization.

with the major commercial websites increasingly fierce competition, every detail may lead to a knockout. In this one and not only contains the "dirty" input can be achieved, careful observation of the webmaster can find a problem: a high degree of competition website, its investment is not only "money" in Shanghai Longfeng do is very. If the small website can through the auction to get the keyword and the butterfly effect is a space for one person, who pay more attention to the optimization of large website brought about by the. In fact, even some large portal in the line is not necessarily how widely the information page, more is to start from scratch, and gradually expand its market. But one point is the same, in the operation process of each step is steady and the optimization, including Shanghai dragon and phoenix is step by step. The website cannot do without even bigger and wider Shanghai dragon, is still the case, so the website optimization how important, in website development also plays a role in what

: a website optimization Mo Zoupian Jian Feng, journey

The development process of Many webmaster will only

two: website optimization win in the final edge, focusing on the details for


three: website optimization to look forward, branding great immediate interests