What conditions need to improve website ranking novice


imperceptibly, have stood for six years, the middle of the hard words cannot express. The ranking of ups and downs, there have been one hundred and eighty thousand had Sanshiwushi. In the face of traffic, I have thought it is a cloud. The most important is the top several kind of feeling, that kind of mood. Today we discuss under what conditions are required to improve website ranking.

domain name, a good domain name is a prerequisite for doing good. Now many fine domains have been removed to the people. How should we select the appropriate domain name, in the choice of domain name. We suggest that either pure or pure letters, numbers, letters and numbers mixed can not remember. That ordinary people can not remember. A good domain name will bring more direct access to you. Direct access to the higher. Love Shanghai higher ranking.

is the first choice of servers, handpicked, server is the site. If the nest site can give a safe harbor, then the station will also run away from home, take refuge in the arms of another. When we choose the server, to look for the brand and quality, try not to use the space for the same IP site too much, will affect the site’s ranking. Select the server should pay attention to the connection speed, configuration, hard disk size etc.. If money is missing can rent a VM.

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reverse connection, as we saw in the sale of the A5 forum connection. That is the so-called anti sale chain, in other words. Anti chain YAHOO king. More than 200 thousand of the YAHOO chain. Basic is a relatively large station. Shanghai love chain can only be beneficial for love Shanghai recording and snapshot update. The chain can generally be through text, blog, group to publish. Well, today we are talking about here, more knowledge and information on the site, I will come here again and predecessors to communicate.

TItle and Meta, must be reasonable set in this area, with the central theme website, published articles will come to release around the keywords and description of the center. To achieve the optimization of each list page. The optimization of each article pages. In order to make the first page of the weight higher. These are closely related to the layout. As a webmaster should popularize some basic knowledge about DIV+CSS. In order to better do their own websites.

original content is king, for the emperor. This problem is not just a dragon in Shanghai stressed. But there are still a lot of people do not. In fact, the original is your views on something summary. Or is the technical nature of the article. Original everywhere. Just to see if you have the energy to do. We update the site in accordance with the method and the way of. And there is a hand of the original article, and several websites, it would be better to improve the weights of the site.