Three typical case analysis of Web site link optimization

first, standardized URL address. We first look at the two picture

      we know the website optimization process in addition to the website structure qualitative and URL standardization, we need another detail is the focus of the breadcrumb navigation, we analyzed through the picture,


through the following two picture is not difficult to find, in the optimization of navigation links of the two sites are remarkable, because the system is used to generate static pages, so the breadcrumb navigation is very clear, Lantian jade this website we see that the current position: Xi’an Lantian jade the homepage of > Lantian jade. Another site navigation is also very clear, the current position of Lantian tourism website > Lantian Tang Yu Tang Yu; hot spots > Lantian Tangyu spa. Why should pay attention to the reasonable optimization of the breadcrumb navigation? We know website breadcrumb navigation not only convenient crawling efficiency, is also an important goal is to guide users for the site effect, driving on the road a lot of friends all know the traffic sign, the sign is very simple, but for >

through the two picture is not difficult to find, the same is a website, Lantian jade network URL address is very simple, and very short, the address named this three word rule is Lantian jade Pinyin, the pinyin can be identified with the spider crawling habit, and another website optimization is not very satisfactory, URL address directly using the address automatically generated by default, the address is very long and go with generation date, link depth is not conducive to spider crawling for URL addresses, the same two sites, their site in the station optimization in line after the details we can obviously the set, so that the standard advice web site on-line before the URL address of the station is Shanghai dragon Er link optimization to grasp the first gate, We do not seek to address how brief, at least one URL can let users and spiders see clearly this article belongs to which category, meaning roughly what is not conducive to remove some useless spiders such as dates, nonstandard directory naming and so on, to do these for URL standardization has been to.

as everyone knows, in addition to the daily updated website optimization, the author thinks that the reasonable structure is the key link of website optimization, website structure is actually logical structure we are most concerned about is the layout and optimization of the internal links, today the author to three sites themselves responsible for the case and we detailed analysis, the station link structure optimization should pay attention to what the details, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip.


second, the use of bread crumbs navigation reasonable that links with a sense of depth.