What are the non technical factors affecting Shanghai Longfeng effect

PS: optimization of the staff really need to understand the customer, because the work will take time to work, he can not control, so the encounter did not understand the customer, you need to communicate.

PS: Shanghai dragon communication with other members of staff should be the team, let them understand that everyone is very important for the optimization, also want to establish their own credibility, when necessary, can do some example, prove their ability, also let oneself more right to speak.

. Some people feel that leaders do not understand the optimization optimization, the various kinds of requirements is very strange, feel the work task is to increase website traffic. In fact, their task is to let the leadership satisfaction! Website and the company’s purpose is not flow, but profit! Many times, leaders will stand at a higher level, make the company profitable, can last development level, so the demand for optimization. Sometimes, the optimization of value flow, the leadership is not valued, and may not bring much profit to the site.

2, the team. Experienced several optimization team, influence team overall ability of the optimization effect is very large, that is to optimize the knowledge based team members have. If other members without any optimization optimization scheme of knowledge, it is difficult to perform it, there will be a variety of accidents. A staff have to optimize the knowledge team, with a crew did not optimize the knowledge team, doing things out there will be very different.

The overall capacity of


lot of Shanghai Longfeng staff daily concern is the search engine dynamic, Shanghai Dragon technology learning, and make the site optimization scheme. In fact, there are a lot of factors of non technology, will also affect the optimization results, following their encounter several boats or hear the case.

3, with team members to communicate. Many optimization have such experience, their production plan is not to perform, no one put his words seriously. Many people have doubts about the optimization, and even conflicting emotions, there are also some people think Shanghai Longfeng optimization only one thing, nothing to do with his. So, there will be a team of people think optimization do not understand their own, people feel that the team does not have the ability to optimize.


1, customers do not understand. Once an enterprise to do optimization, keyword ranking two months time to do the first, the customer is satisfied. But after a period of time, ranking fluctuations. So, the customer call every day reminder: the use of snack bar, for tomorrow to 1. No matter how I explain to customers: the need to cycle, to love Shanghai update. The customer is still urged to call every day. At that time, because I have no patience, give up this list.

4, the leadership of the

PS: in this case, the optimization of personnel should communicate with the leadership, the leadership to agree, these basic knowledge of personnel training.