After the love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the enterprise stand stand ideas


1. high quality content from

The website structure reasonable

then we will wait for love Shanghai mercy, let your ranking back? No, no matter what happens, life will continue, since people from the new formulation of the rules of the game, then we only re planning their own ideas.

may have a problem that has plagued you, that is the original content is not equal to high quality content, the answer is no, what is the content of high quality, useful to the user, as long as the user is that high quality content, the search engine will not have other ideas from this. Adjustment, acquisition, pseudo original basically has not, suggest that you spend more time on the content of the site.

site is down the right, ranking from the Shanghai love home down more than one hundred, even no ranking, from August 22nd to now has been more than a month’s time, but can not come back, who also said that this is not good, as there is no cheating I know.

in June 22nd this year, large-scale K station, medical station, Taobao, and some guest Wangzhuan selling links of the rubbish site almost spared, certainly do not rule out some being injured seriously do stations. Love is the focus of the fight against the Shanghai medical station, Taobao station, and that those of us who are harming the site to find who argue it? Remember the medical station is a large-scale K station, do not know who is initiated by the innocent webmaster to click on the medical industry of Shanghai for a time in love, each group is almost QQ they are able to see the screenshot click, they tried to pass this method to revenge love Shanghai, but do not know if they have thought of doing so only hurt those who do the bidding enterprises, for the love of Shanghai Yi definitely outweigh the disadvantages, eventually it is after all the rules of the game is to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, set by others and if you want to join this game we must abide by the rules of others. In fact, no matter how love Shanghai algorithm updates are at the core of the user experience, users want to show high quality content, those collected, there is no substance in the site is k is no ground for blame.

this year is a year of heartache to grassroots webmaster, this year is let the grassroots webmaster awful year, from the beginning of June 22nd Baidu our beloved has been unwell, then a few days every month, we have been accustomed to small business station, but the Baidu aunt but ongoing ah, vulnerable not only Baidu, we have thousands on thousands of grassroots adsense.

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optimization work since the beginning of this industry in Shanghai dragon has been responsible for the development of small enterprises, various optimization techniques are also almost used, including some commonly used black hat tactics, so this love Shanghai update, the K station is right down is understandable, we can see below: