The Shanghai dragon station optimization skills 5

4, website content optimization

, easy search engine crawling, so site navigation needs to adopt a flat tree structure, so that each page of the article to the site of the home page click distance should be short.

site navigation optimization


URL is a uniform resource locator, also known as the web page address, is an Internet standard resource address.


we have to learn about the following five points: the station optimization

, a website title and description optimization

two, website URL optimization

2, website URL optimization

1, website title and description of the optimization of

if you usually pay more attention to it, will see a lot of the title of the site is very long, not only the name of the company, and the website keywords related business, so that they can virtually improve ranking in the search engine rankings. But note that the title is not the longer the better, the title is too long, the search engine will use the " behind it;… " symbol, suggest that the title is best not more than 30 characters in length.

the most important, the site navigation using HTML link, do not use pictures, links to the pursuit of beauty and flash navigation > crawler can not crawl


description the first principle, is close to the subject, and try to use plain language. The description is a word limit, the best control in 150 characters, not more than part of the search engine display.

but we need to pay attention to is, some will server is case sensitive.

5, ALT


generally, the official name of web page title is the website, is the highly generalization of a web site. So the website is the title of the best of your company or brand name.

statistical data, short URL long than the click rate of URL was 2.5 times higher, so we can shorten the letter. In fact, the search engine URL, as long as no more than 1000 letters, it included no problem, but in order to facilitate the user or some as simple as possible.

site navigation optimization

Shanghai dragon refers to the station optimization and stood outside the optimization of the site, so as to improve the site keywords ranking and product exposure. Today, we will come to learn how to carry out the station optimization. The station optimization, as the name suggests is the site within the site itself, namely, optimization.

Good site navigation Three,

even URL, key words is very important, can improve the correlation of the page, plays a certain role in the ranking.