The site in Shanghai included a good but no flow analysis and Solutions

2, the number of these sites outside the chain are not many, Links few.


through these exchanges, I found such a problem. That is, we have so few sites, are very good in Shanghai search engine included above, page snapshot is updated daily, the article is being published as long as the seconds, a snapshot of the day is calculated in hours. But is this the eyes of some people seem to love Shanghai very high weight website, do not get good rankings, traffic is almost negligible. What is the reason for this phenomenon?

1, since it is a new station, we are incapable of action, can do is keep update, keep the original.

two solution: since we know the reason, the solution will follow reason found and formulated. I according to my own experience will be my solutions to share out.

3, the website appeared more or less have no access to the site of the site, where the space is not stable.

analysis: according to my analysis, this website has the following features in common.

1, website construction time is not long, most of the site for about two months, it belongs to the scope of the new station.

4, site positioning is not clear, the content of this paper is cluttered, the contents of the relevant degree is not high. For example, you do jeans site, but the site where most of the articles are shoes, bags of stuff.

2, the chain, to the forum, blog comments and signature in the message, to a site like Admin5: the original soft, with the same industry website Links (don’t make jeans and doing excavator site do friendship, that.

5, original content is not high, in the search engine highly repetitive.

now I only analyze these points, the whole new factor is relatively high, love Shanghai for the new station observation period is longer, one or two months can get out of the good points of the observation period, the first half of may also get out of luck.

these two days and some are doing Shanghai Longfeng personal webmaster exchange a lot, are after I published an article in A5, they found the fish through the link edge of the park site and to contact me, there are several good talk, become good friends. Everyone through the exchange and sharing, took out their encounter in doing the optimization process problems, we propose to analyze the causes and solutions, although we are not really Shanghai Longfeng celebrities, but as the saying goes, the Three Stooges surpass Zhu Geliang. Some of these techniques in Shanghai dragon sometimes we not well-known webmaster have even some big cattle have not found, like Qiushi was standing like.