Webmaster correctly bottom related search does not give up love isn’t crazy

long tail keywords search

1, the bottom search is not every website promotion to do


here, don’t put the related search keywords and long tail keywords equated. Indeed, many related keywords are naturally produced by the long tail keywords, such as "lose weight", "search

fell in love with the relevant search bottom, we must not strange. A few months before the business circle of Shanghai dragon game, people use this method the most incisive, can also be said to be only used this method on the achievements of page ranking. Many people see these skills in the course of the game, have also changed the home title, and get a good short-term rankings. Don’t say more details here, we look at the history of the article is very clear. The operation of the relevant search skills, while not cheating, also can bring good traffic, but this approach is now a lot of friends are even to be obsessed with. Have a few friends around, every day in the brush related keywords by software, the exhaustion of mind to search volume production promotion. The face of this phenomenon, today talk about some of my views.

why some friends around to attack the underlying search. Ask its reason, because Shanghai Longfeng too many people do not, their skills, too tired too impetuous. Oh, I want to use some side to cut a lot of people have this mentality. Shanghai dragon industry, adhere to the two word which is so easy to implement. Here suggest that the underlying search can try to assist, but really want to as a core strategy of a web site, or. Several recent shocks to love Shanghai, search all updated, site based, can do it.


in fact, the underlying search was only a kind of as promotion way, but not the mainstream means of promotion, resources have certain limitations, after all, search relevant keywords down you can only do so one or two. We all know that for example, electric district Shanghai dragon game, "values" related keywords only "business KK103" "power shopping mall" always occurs, why no other keywords? Not to say no to others to do, others do not know, disclose to you, friends to participate in the competition when used, the words "business family" to brush off, according to his previous methods of operation, there can be up to a week, but with a month no results. Therefore, here also pay attention to a lasting and in order of arrival, ha ha. To sum up can be said to be of limited resources.

promotion methods the ebook promotion, screen advertising promotion, this is not the mainstream of the strategy will certainly have a certain role. But they are popular for a short time. If you don’t know what I should promote their own websites with what kind of strategy, just listen to the blandishments software related companies search, certainly will not have a big harvest.

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