The long tail keywords mining method



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love Shanghai related search list in the search list the Related words, not all the input keywords long tail keywords, and some relevant keywords, such as optimization and the Shanghai dragon is the same meaning, so we can do the long tail keyword optimization, but also to do the long tail keywords optimization

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know the long tail keywords platform search keywords, such as love Shanghai know, we know that in the search keywords, there will be questions and relevant keywords, the problem is that we have to do the long tail keywords.

search volume index search long tail keywords love Shanghai, love Shanghai index lists of keywords related news, related search terms and the fastest rising search term.

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long tail keywords flow has been a major source of web traffic on the network, but for what is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords how many mining site owners are not very clear, if not the long tail keywords, then do not know how to implement the website promotion, so the long tail keywords mining methods which have


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use the key word mining webmaster tools application, enter the keyword, click the query to view related long tail keywords and index.

through the love of Shanghai search drop-down box search, long tail keywords are included in the key word, then we will enter the keyword search bar love Shanghai, love Shanghai will automatically appear relevant search keywords, so you can probably find the long tail keywords about 10 high search volume.



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