Twenty two concepts for beginners Shanghai dragon must know

1. search engine optimization (Shanghai,

if you want to enter the Shanghai Dragon Palace, then this article is for you to learn Shanghai dragon, is a systematic process. If you have some basic Shanghai Longfeng it may also take a look at this article, because a solid foundation is where you learn more advantages.

2. search engine marketing (SEM)

search engine marketing (SEM) English called Search Engine Marketing, which means through the search engine service and product marketing. Search engine marketing is mainly divided into two types: search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) and pay per click (PPC, Pay-Per-Click). Search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) by means of website optimization and page and let them in the search results page display, and pay per click (PPC) to take users to their own websites through the purchase of search engine click. (usually) click on the search results page from these "sponsored links" (Translation: love is not applicable to Shanghai).

reverse link (Backlink) also known as the "anaphora" links "into the chain" and "simple links", refers to a super links to your site from other sites. The reverse link was very important to Shanghai dragon, because they directly affect a web page rank (PageRank), and this page in the ranking in the search results. The method can also increase the Links increase the reverse link, there are many methods for Links, for example, can go to the Links exchange platform to find.

3. reverse link (Backlink)

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search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) English called Search Engine Optimized, the essence of search engine optimization Shanghai dragon is to optimize your website for the search engine spiders (spider) better reading and grasping. HTML content search engine spider web browsing and reading. Therefore, if your site navigation or text frame (Frames), pictures, JavaScript or Flash, the search engine spiders will not capture all or part of your site content. Regardless of your site is: content management system (CMS), electronic commerce system (e-commerce systems) or blog (Blog). Make your site search engine friendly search engine optimization basis. Keywords the next step is for the product of the target customers may be commonly used to the keyword optimization settings on your web site. Compared to a year ago, now the search engine optimization thinking has become more and more people understand and use popular keywords and phrases competition has improved significantly. Therefore, let your target keywords relevant to your product or service, to the maximum extent, to make your best optimization effect.