The latest Taobao slimming supermarket Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques

said a few words, everyone here is to learn, I hope this is what you need to find. I stand to lose weight Taobao supermarket, I believe we all know it, a lot of friends add my QQ, and then comment on my website. A QQ, less than half a month, fill, no way, I deleted the part. At present, there are more than 400 people inside. These people are AC Shanghai dragon, there are a lot of help to me. Here I want to tell you is that the new Shanghai dragon optimization techniques is the first to know a lot of Shanghai dragon Er, if you want to improve the level of their own, so much to talk with them, sometimes I have a group of more than 10 in the non-stop flash, but I did not feel tired, but each group see the inside of the main content and views and their problems. Mentioned here the first new Shanghai dragon technique is to improve the level of Shanghai dragon through QQ group communication.

second new Shanghai Longfeng optimization technique is more to the forum under the post, a lot of people know that the forum is a good place to do outside the chain, but I don’t think so. I seldom do the chain inside, a forum signature, I did not care, has always been the original look. And I went to the forum to do what my purpose is to learn?. They all know that in general, in the forums of tape links will be deleted, then I will send, and according to the actual situation of the link inside the zone, but the forum is not completely removed, sometimes the link is still. Why, because my question is I really want to ask, is real, not just get a problem, the post with the chain. So I made a lot of problems, these are all I want to know the answer to a question posted. After finish, I will wait, so netizens reply, every day I will go to see, and see how they respond, which is reasonable, which is of no use. This is of great help to me. I was outside the chain of projects completed in the study of Shanghai dragon in the chain of Taobao weight supermarket has reached about 5800, but most of them are post links.

The Two

method about the Shanghai dragon online a lot, but are not the same as originally copied, what fresh, to speak in terms of the chain are original, etc.. More and more people see no interest, I have this experience. We believe that these articles are for learning and exchange, hoping to find better promotion methods, just like in our school, watching the teacher answer a question, with the method, a long time, will feel no sense of what fresh. Shanghai Longfeng optimization, too, long time is the method, will feel very boring. This is why many netizens say " do; Shanghai dragon is the most boring thing " reason.

above is what I want to say the new Shanghai dragon optimization technique, Shanghai dragon no specific methods of operation, grasp the direction to do Shanghai Longfeng, would not say do Shanghai dragon is very tired. It is not what Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques, no >