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              that is why I want to write these words suddenly at night, the business of MM, you are not familiar with the business temporarily do not know how to communicate and does not matter, I simply put you want to express to me in here today, here every day there will be tens of thousands of webmaster. I want to say here, may give you more than you knock on the door of the station one by one, the effect will be better, hope to see some webmaster can bring.

shell nets CEO Ji thirteen

today I share the theme of entrepreneurship is to engage in scientific research, most of the people here may have to engage in scientific research experience, these experiences are very useful for your future business, because there is a great similarity of these two things.

later, I worked with a group of people with scientific backgrounds to do research writing, so that more people knew us, and together we did scientific squirrels. At that time, the cultural circle was basically dominated by liberal arts students. "Southern Weekend" also published an article saying, "science students also have spring."". It also made me realize that if science and reason were to be widely spread, science students would be able to occupy the commanding heights. In 2010 to get venture capital, I started the nutshell network.

May 28, 2014, sponsored by IDG capital, the co sponsored IDG campus entrepreneurship competition will be held at University of Science & Technology China at the twelfth station. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate students, designed to tap the campus genius developers and technical geeks. Nutshell CEO Ji thirteen in activities keynote speech, entrepreneurship is like scientific research. As a science student, most people have the experience of scientific research. These experiences are very useful for future entrepreneurship, because they have very large similarity. He founded the present company in order to spread science and reason more widely.

              and a recent business MM persistence actually let me moved, just graduated, in a strange city, the first job, on the Internet, but in order to live and have to knock on the door one by one small owners. In the face of the webmaster questions, because the business is not enough skilled, well behaved, gallbladder timid timid, eager to express their purpose, and can not let the webmaster is very satisfied with the answer. A rejection and ridicule, and again to the performance, in order to not in the trial period was eliminated, to endure the rejection and ridicule, usually those glib, scheming everywhere, full of quirky business alliance to see more, they should also learn to pay, but now suddenly faced with a such business MM did not know what to do, think of himself out to have worked, because for the first time to participate in the work, not familiar with the business of the company was rejected and ridiculed, even in a night because was penniless, alone spent more than 2 hours from Haidian District Jishuitan walk back to Fengtai District chengshousi rental that only a few square meters bungalow. I still remember the time when I was back in the middle of the night, although it was only a few square meters, but it was enough for a temporary safe place to rest. My heart was full of sadness.

to your cooperation

at first, our core members were a bunch of media people, and the core editors of the first national popular media from new discoveries, global science and new exploration made up the core of the nutshell network

I am guokr Ji thirteen, when I was in a grass root is a very young man, when Han Senior Vice President Han Zhiyong points of science and technology, operation when dancing in the school with Anhui University’s beautiful, I was holding a telescope to see the western ontario. I wasn’t a good student then. After graduating from HKUST, I went to graduate school at Fudan University because I felt it would interfere with my understanding of the diversity of the world if I continued to stay in such a science and engineering environment. But the shell is still a very strong atmosphere of company, COO Yao Di, is that our investor is Xiaojun Li hkust.

in 1996, I went to the Biology Department of HKUST, then went to Fudan University to pursue the diversity of life, then met a news department girlfriend, which took me in another direction. From then on, I began to integrate the understanding of words and science into writing popular science. When I graduated, I turned myself into a research deserter. I’m interested in science, but I don’t have to do it myself, and then I spend a lot of time making myself a science communicator.

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          ;     webmaster access to the Internet, as long as your station is slightly more traffic, and you put your lovely phone or phone on your web page. Ninety-nine percent, there will be alliance business MM and you say hello, really sigh alliance boss’s ability to cheat, spend more than 1000 dollars a month, there will be so many MM work hard for them,

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