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recently, Silicon Valley bubble theory resurgence, Sequoia Capital chairman Michael Moritz recently expressed the same concern about the Silicon Valley bubble,

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Yao Junhong found in this industry conference, Taiwan’s speech did not listen, Taiwan under a piece of, in the chat, exchange name card.

Michael Moritz chairman of Sequoia Capital, said the identity of the Bill Gurley’s "unicorn company this year will die a number of" Y Combinator Sam Altman; chairman of tit for tat, optimistic about the next five years Silicon Valley start-up growth momentum, and boldly put forward the $100 thousand bet…

Yao, in his two day observation, summed up three phenomena: first, these car dealers like meeting, the purpose is >

two this wave of companies hatched by YC: Stripe, Zenefits, Instacart, Mixpanel, Teespring, Optimizely, >

"car owner’s only account",

Yao Junhong, from the executive vice president of China auto rental left, launched a big search car with a halo, won the attention of the capital and the market. But half a year after the attempt, Yao found that second-hand car retail consignment model is not suitable for the Chinese market, he quickly put the track switch to the SaaS business management system development for car dealers, and few foreign sounding.

seeds, everyone car, excellent letter as the second-hand car market volume of the largest number of game player, the most talked about is to subvert the traditional intermediary. The big car search to find a settlement with the car’s path, it is through the SaaS system that win over eighty or ninety per cent of the car dealers, and then turn it into their own products channels. Will this be a higher path,

two years ago, people thought the big search car went bankrupt.

the media review Zhao titanium / titanium media in March 16th bad news, American venture capitalist Bill Gurley said the SXSW meeting, Silicon Valley venture investment has emerged in some greed and madness, this year, market capitalization of more than $1 billion non listed so-called "unicorn" will die a lot, "this year will see a number of Unicorns die" see Bill Gurley at the SXSW conference: Valuation of over $1 billion this year, a large number of dead.

Wen, Zhou Luping,

compared to the high letter, melon seeds, everyone’s car high-profile, announced in the acquisition of ants, gold clothes and the Chinese car rental C round of 100 million U. S. financial resources, big search car in sh419 encyclopedia positioning and history remain at the last stage. Yao Junhong specially entrusted relations, the big search car sh419 Encyclopedia has been amended.


recently to the media and investors of the Silicon Valley bubble argument, Y Combinator chairman Sam Altman published "Bubble talk" in their personal home today, optimistic about the next five years Silicon Valley business environment, Sam Altman and even the details of this wave of his prediction of the Silicon Valley start-up five years after the valuation of growth figures, he bold $100 thousand bet, welcome all VC with him to bet, if the valuation of a large number of companies have not reached their forecasts for five years later, to bet on the charity party specified volume $100 thousand.

but the deep qualifications of investors to appease the mood, he said and compared the technology bubble in 2000, today the market is relatively mature, "look down Silicon Valley, most of the company in good condition, to maintain sustainable and steady development".


at this time, Yao Junhong and their identity, but also a line of second-hand stores opened under the car. After winning venture capital in September 2012, he rented 20 thousand square meters in the underground parking lot of century Jin Yuan in Beijing and sold second-hand cars in consignment mode. Large search vehicles provide sites and tests, selling a commission of 3% of the seller.

this once forgotten enterprise reappears in the industry, behind it has many large-scale second-hand car dealer colony. It has also invested more than $200 million in companies like China auto rental, ant gold clothing and United States Warburg pincus. Big search car co-founder Zhang Liyu to entrepreneur & I dark horse revealed that the big search car is now valued at between 500 million and 1 billion U.S. dollars.

before the Spring Festival in 2014, a large-scale anti vice operation took place in the southern part of China. After that, the local hotel industry was depressed and vacant. 51, the car specially selected here opened an industry conference, more than 1000 people sitting at the venue full of sitting down, they are from their own purse from all over the country to come to car dealers.

in the advent of the Internet wave, used car dealers are affected by the object, but now the big search car as the most core barriers and competitive advantages. In Yao Junhong’s view, this is a high viscosity groups and ready-made channels, can let big search car in the launch of new products, in the country fast landing.

, Sam, and Altman:

There are three specific predictions for

after 5 years as of January 1, 2020, Uber Palantir, the total valuation of Airbnb, Dropbox, Pinterest and SpaceX six companies at least doubled to $200 billion the six companies valued at more than $100 billion

, "part of the unicorn company will disappear", "there’s no doubt that Silicon Valley will suffer some setbacks".

editor, Liu Jianqiang,