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third, guarantee mechanism can not be ignored. If we say the system as a resource may be wrong, but the system has indeed largely decided the future of the road to entrepreneurship can go far. No rules, no Cheng Fangyuan. At the beginning of the establishment, we should establish the basic mechanism, and only the most perfect system can have the most effective execution

did a few years to do a small webmaster, feel really difficult, I started on the website advertising is Valley brother, I believe we all know, valley brother click advertising income relative to other advertisers must be high, but want to receive his money is difficult, I did two years received a cheque and, around a lot of webmaster even PIN codes have not received. So his heart is not the end of advertising, sh419 ads high threshold, the general small Adsense station is more difficult to comply with his request was rejected, the domestic advertising now more popular is the Ali Mama, although a single click income is relatively low, but the monthly income account, so soon. I choose now is the mother of advertising based on visual advertising group, and spreading the word, click on the 0. 1 yuan / each, plus a variety of integral incentives, income is still very impressive, we recommend running, interested owners can register for advertising, we are all small feel good, believe that climate is not the webmaster do it, this is only my personal views on Wangzhuan a little, I hope you the good experience of their own way for your reference and learning. The station consists of

under the wave of the Internet era, the form and means of entrepreneurship can be said to be thriving on the Internet. People begin to need new environment for entrepreneurship and coexistence of entrepreneurial methods. People have to look together in the Internet this big cake, involved in the Internet business, and be fond of, because of Internet entrepreneurs in the business can continue to create a miracle, and the network environment standardization and legalization, will undoubtedly make those upcoming entrepreneurs or people are planning in the ready to. The charm of the Internet is very large, but unfortunately, the reality itself is cruel, in the road of entrepreneurship, always accompanied by some success, some people failed bipolar situation. In these two voices, but also a rule to follow, then the Internet business need to prepare what resources? The following four points from the main analysis.

second, funding issues. Money should be said that throughout the business, as the saying goes, An army marches on its stomach., funds can be said to a very crucial role. If the whole process of entrepreneurship, with good capital chain, or adequate liquidity, indeed in the whole process, to entrepreneurs to reduce a lot of trouble. Here the "forage" resources, not necessarily entrepreneurs themselves have, but must have the ability to seek funds. This requires the entrepreneurial project has a strong feasibility, to attract interested investors, in order to solve the most difficult problem of "food". Perhaps the beginning does not require a lot of start-up capital, but in the process of development, after, will become an important problem, affect the development on entrepreneurship in the process of growth, capital resources is an important factor in business.

first, basic requirements. We are in the process of entrepreneurship, these necessary conditions are many, mainly in accordance with the project we involved in a comprehensive analysis. First of all, the choice of the work environment, environmental impact, efficiency and mood of the work, whether it is to buy things, or do creative design, environmental choice is to ensure the quality of future work. Followed by the allocation of equipment and facilities, because it is the Internet business, simple, that is, the standard computer, network patency, internal communication and coordination, etc., the most basic office conditions. Then is to find a good partner, or is the coordination and cooperation of the team, the team run up that can often achieve a multiplier effect, the team member, and a clear division of labor for future business development to provide a lot of convenience. Finally, it involves entrepreneurial projects, the quality of the project management, and the initial choice also has a certain impact, of course, is not decisive, and indeed can facilitate their own starting road.