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, "network video" investment direction needs to be reversed." Less than a year has passed since winning venture capitalists last year, and online video has become a "hot potato"". An investment manager at Tak Chi global venture capital fund bluntly pointed out: "after two years of operation, the investment risk of China’s new IT economy has been increasing.". We all need to find the next pivot." Analysts pointed out that if you can not break the copyright, regulatory bottlenecks, coupled with the profit model is not yet clear, network video will be difficult to sustain.

        change of investment direction

        data show that from the beginning of 2006, the domestic video internet site to rely on copying the United States video site Youtube model, attracting a large number of venture investment. Like youku has received SUTTER/HILL/FARALLON three VC $12 million investment; UUSEE won the De Fengjie Growth Fund / capital / firm / plateau $2300 investment fund Chinese Sequoia capital invested $8 million 500 thousand /SIG; GGV/ in /IDGVC rich tudou; others get millions of dollars of investment grade video website also includes six rooms, I Lok network, PPSTEAM etc..

        these investments tend to focus on the two most popular segments of the world – video sharing and P2P streaming technology. Insiders pointed out that, from the perspective of the capital, we are afraid of missing the bus network video, but the video site is still to copy Youtube mode, but failed to establish their own competitive advantage under the capital support.

        by the end of 2006, Sina and Tencent and other traditional Internet giants in podcast broadband video resources, video website clashes between the increasingly fierce. VCs are aware that YOUTUBE imitators may not be able to find relatively loose "blue ocean" in the competitive Red Sea, and that the direction of investment will change.

        double bottleneck"

        at the end of last year, the first domestic P2P infringement cases — Shanghai Busheng music culture communication company sued the Beijing flight network music software company P2P software provides a free download music to the user, the Beijing second intermediate people’s court sentenced the defendant to pay 200 thousand yuan. Beijing set fine law firm intellectual property lawyer Zhou Dandan pointed out that, this is the domestic network video infringement case for the first time, as the benchmark, in the future all video sites are only"

, however, positive attributes are also accompanied by manipulation. Geoff, ·, a social psychologist who studies psychology at the Stanford University, said: "what makes companies difficult to deal with is that these psychopaths are often willing to manipulate Hancock by deception" Jeff. They will carefully select people who can use it, such as those in the human resources department." But when their methods are ineffective, they lose their charm. Stoller said: "when things are not in accordance with their expected development, they will often go mad, and resorting to intimidation."

recent research shows that, compared with the general public, executives in corporate environments suffer from a high proportion of psychopathic disorders, with a ratio of 1% and 4-8% respectively. Silicon Valley venture capitalist Blaine · Bryan Stolle; stahle said that this trait is very important, because the company usually belongs to non rational behavior. He said: "if you want to embark on a business trip, you must have high levels of self deception.". You have to sacrifice and give up a lot of things, sometimes including marriage, family, and friends. You have to be able to convince others, and for this reason, such people are often charismatic enough to convince you that they can do anything."

"Real psychopaths are a mix of emotions, relationships, lifestyle, and behavioral flaws, but they have incredible abilities to disguise themselves," says


Wood Voss. They usually have amazing charm and gregarious hobbies. But deep down in their hearts, these people lack compassion, apathy, and regret. They have specific personalities, such as fear of power, boldness, lack of emotion, etc.. Many successful presidents have scored high on psychological tests."

Hancock thought their masks would come off at this point. But they are the founders and leaders of the company and are often protected by the human resources department, which reinforces their behavior. Hancock to Uber, for example, Uber staff Susan ·, Fowler Susan Fowler sued the boss sexual harassment behavior, and said the Ministry of human resources "in the wrong direction."". Not only the human resources department will

NetEase Francisco March 16th message, according to the British "Guardian" reported, has been on high alert prison and psychopathic murderer · a coexistence of forensic medicine, clinical psychologist Michael; Wood Voss Michael Woodworth the SXSW conference released the latest research report claimed that Silicon Valley CEO a psychopath. Although the term "psychopathic" usually has negative connotations, it also contains the necessary advantages for many entrepreneurs.

: research shows that compared with the general public, the proportion of executives in corporate environments is very high,