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, "who," App developed such promotion strategy, originated from the founder of the Beijing satellite TV business program "I am a unicorn" inspired. "Before participating in the program, our product downloads are only about 200 per day, but the program downloaded 2000 downloads that day, much more than we expected."." Leo says it makes the team feel that it’s a good way to promote products by shaping the image of the founder — low cost free to participate in programs and quick results downloads soar.


net red concept change, let the value of net red more and more recognized, monthly income of one hundred thousand, or even annual income of billions of cases. More and more people want to get a slice of the net red economy, but what kind of person can become net red? How can we become net red? How will we become cash when we become net red?

don’t be afraid to grow up. Gates said, "you know, when we started the Microsoft Corp in 1975, we said we wanted to have a computer on every home, on every desk.". In fact, we didn’t even know we could develop into a big business. In fact, every time I think, oh, God, we can not put the scale again? "Apparently, Gates brought the development of the company to overcome the fear, but the biggest experience here we learned is that the creation of a giant enterprise is not his ultimate goal. He is passionate, has a vision for a better future, and is active in achieving it.

"we just in the founder of" Boss church "and hungry CEO Zhang Xuhao x will be the next to go to tear," and "one station" If You Are The One "in the end, the next goal is" wonderful ", this is the most difficult of the program." App, who heads the social networking startup, Leo, told TechWeb that the company had the idea of portraying founder Wang Dingwen as "net red.".


pioneering network red self-discipline plan: crazy on variety programs, public relations drafts beautify the image of

3. Sylvester · Stallone, actor, writer, director

if you want to know about the business secrets of billionaires around the world, you just have to listen. Of course, you can ask them directly if you have the chance. In fact, many rich people are willing to share their experiences and lessons, and are willing to tell others of their own risks and mistakes. In fact, if you can absorb the essence of it, then it will be a great help to your success.

red school founder Ding Chenling IT Longmen array TechWeb sponsored by the said network red meaning from demoted to praise, because Wang Sicong made the Red Net girlfriend, Aaron Kwok later made his girlfriend red net. And the appearance of Papi sauce lets everybody feel that net red is very close to common people, the concept of net red has changed completely.

variety show + Internet public relations manuscript tree image

App who is still in its infancy stage, for the shaping of the founder Wang Dingwen Leo revealed that their goal is to become a founder Chen ou founder of jumei, in order to promote the growth of company products "who" users.

1. Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft,

"in this world, I’m not the richest person, not the smartest, gifted person, and I’ve been able to succeed because I’ve been moving forward, moving forward."." Stallone was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, no one would guess that he can get such great fame and wealth. Before he released the film "Luo Qi", he only starred in a film, in fact, Stallone himself wrote the "Luo Qi" script, but also the film’s starring and director. The film was a great success for Stallone and one of the few films without any negative comments. Now, Stallone continues his career, and he says that constant dedication is the key to his success.


"being the richest person in the world doesn’t matter to me at all.". And before we go to bed every night, we can say to ourselves, "we did something unique, that’s the most important thing for me."." This is one of Jobs’s many famous quotes, and perhaps the best advice he has ever given. Like Bill Gates, Jobs wanted to change the world and make the world a better place. He was most impressed by his original intention.

now, "net red" has become a new type of star group, and the scale is becoming increasingly large. According to the "2016 China first red net economic white paper" shows that the number of more than 1 million China red net, which accounted for 11.6% of net works of red, red video broadcast network accounted for 35.9%, accounted for 18.2% of red net news events, from the media network red accounted for 27.3%, other types of Red Net accounted for 7%.

2., Steve, Jobs, apple founder

if you don’t have ambition, you shouldn’t live in this world. "This sentence sounds very harsh at first. But Dangote thinks ambition is the most important thing in a person. It determines what kind of person you are and what you are

as the representative of the network red lotus had already appeared as early as 10 years ago, later also appeared Fengjie, Jocie Guo, the red net by a high degree of concern, but controversial, even on the part of people full of disdain and despise the red net. This year, with the popularity of Papi sauce, net red and net red value once again become a hot spot.

4. · dangote business magnate, businessman;