Website monetization patterns change business operationsAli before the listing of 160 billion revi

2, Amoy or intermediary model make money

case two: China myopia network, to 6 yuan, a member of the information price, let the webmaster do CPA, and then the member information package sold to myopia treatment institutions, hundreds of effective information to sell 10000 yuan.

1, your website is professional enough to have a strong affinity for potential customers, especially at the site of today’s homogenization.

case five: a friend in Wuhan, each year to the search engine to get 300 thousand, I have 15 servers, all the novel website, 08 years when there are 60 people at the same time for him to update the site, his PV is 2 million, about 1000000 month earnings.

if the listing is successful, Ma will become China’s richest man. And 26 years ago, he started his career in a university in Hangzhou. Ma Yun before the gods, let I dark horse and entrepreneurs together to review his heart of the road:

in a word, to make money now, you have to be a smart businessman and think with a businessman’s mind.

so what I’ve summed up is these 4 aspects: advertising, agency, sales, and service. If you can combine these four aspects, you can be a big money maker.

1, advertising money,

, but the premise is:

introduction the news today, the Alibaba group to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC submitted the prospectus update file, for the first time announced the offering price range of $60-66, in order to estimate the valuation of the Alibaba to be listed at about $160 billion, will become the largest IPO in the history of the United states.

author: "win in Chinese", quality rice network founder Wang Lifen and Ma; most of the communication media Li Xiang

4, providing services to make money

entrepreneurship project selection

case three: my friend’s local gateway, launched a renovation Group buy, 30 families buy paint, he ate 20 thousand of the difference.

4, the tireless efforts of themselves and the team.

Ma Yun has cherished the career of teaching in those colleges and universities over the past few years. Today, Ma has turned into a successful entrepreneur, but mentioned the days when he was teaching at the University

2, you have enough time and industry level, do that industry station, you need to know enough.

, the web site we know, makes money in four directions,

at the same time, he launched an English corner in West Lake and slowly gained some fame in the field of translation. At that time, the national economy developed rapidly, and in Hangzhou and the whole country, both English and business people are scarce. There are more and more private enterprises doing foreign trade business in Hangzhou, and more and more demand for translation services. So many bosses made him an English interpreter. But at that time he could only do part-time jobs and not full-time, because he and the old president’s "5 year appointment" has not yet expired.

case 1: worry free exam has 120 thousand members, I help him apply for sh419 theme promotion, a month has 2K, and later he made a model, 1 yuan issued VIP qualification, membership fee of about 60 thousand a year.

tells you some real examples both of my friends:

5, if a website can’t make profit for half a year, give it up.

case four: foreign blog, to recommend electronic products based, updated about 24 a day, introduced a variety of new or best-selling electronic products. Monthly income is $300 thousand.


Ma Yun did not want to live up to the expectations of the old leader, so he readily agreed. During his teaching at Hangzhou Insitute of Electronic and Technology, Ma was a lecturer in English and international trade. Ma Yun had a way of teaching, he does not love him more rigid What I say goes. teaching, hope students can actively grasp the knowledge. So, Ma Yun in the classroom from lack of laughter, the students are very in love with Ma Yun’s class, Ma Yun class often All seats are occupied.

3, selling their own products to make money

Alibaba group will start a road show in New York next Monday, then move to more than 10 American cities and end the roadshow tour in Manhattan on September 18th. Alibaba founder Jack Ma will take part in the roadshow.

in 1988, Ma Yun, 24, graduated from Hangzhou Normal University and was assigned to teach at Hangzhou Insitute of Electronic and Technology. At that time, more than 500 graduates of Hangzhou Normal University, Ma is the only one to be assigned to the university undergraduate students, the other are divided into secondary school teaching. At that time, the reform and opening up has been 10 years, people’s thinking is active, will no longer scarce so-called "iron rice bowl", and more emphasis on how to make money. Ma Yun is active in the school is a name, in order to prevent Ma Yun had other ideas, but also to set a good example for the school, was the Vice Chancellor of the Hangzhou Normal University, Huang Shumeng and Ma Yun developed a "about 5 years" to the school 5 years away.

3, the rapid formation of their own management team, to explore a set of content updates, promotion, profitability of the industry chain.