The Portuguese web site which was brought up by the Brazil World Cup is a problem that is easily o

the next World Cup is held in Brazil, and two years later, the world cup is a feast for football, as well as a stage for businessmen to compete. Looking back, the "made in China" on the South African stadium didn’t seem to be more than half. In addition to "celebrate", millions of "vuvuzela", the World Cup mascot "Zakumi", as well as the fans in the articles for thousands of varieties of wig, scarf, clothing, wristbands, hats and so on, all kinds of facilities, such as stadium seats, air conditioning is Chinese products.

against the world cup for business opportunities, businesses have begun to network is an indispensable platform eager for a fight, and the official language of Brazil is Portuguese, so a Portuguese website is indispensable.

for Portuguese website construction, I believe a lot of site companies will do, but there are many details are not done in place, here I say some of my ideas.

one, domain name question

some Internet companies generally recommended to choose the.Com/.net domain name, the domain name can be used, but now we are aiming at Brazil station, if Brazil local domain name.Br is not more intimacy? It also increases trust.

two, encoding problems,

most of these years, the company is not committed to use Chinese coding as a foreign language web site error, but rarely to tag the language of the web page. This is the following sentence "


< meta http-equiv=" Content-Language" content="; pt-br" >

do not underestimate this sentence, the Portuguese website optimization plays a big role, not much said here, the optimization part of another article written alone.

three, translation questions,

several suggestions on translation questions

1, don’t save the money. Don’t save money to save money by using translation software to translate, that is inaccurate, and do not meet the local reading habits. Spend money on professional translators to do

2, find your own translation company. You will ask all the company to the site to do it? There is no home that the company has a variety of translation talent, mostly outsourced to the translation company. You want to, ah, such a change, not the most familiar with the product, you communicate directly with the translators, there will certainly be omissions or not clear enough place. So I suggest to find the translation company, translate the information, and then to the station company.

Portuguese website construction is easy to ignore the problem is that the above points. I hope it will help the companies preparing for the world cup. There is no shadow of the Chinese team in the world cup, but I hope there will be more Chinese products on the green field in Brazil.


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