Pig eight nets into the Yuan low frequency non standard service website why valuation of ten million

Sina Technology Li root

on October 23rd afternoon, Shenzhen news, the fourth Android global Developers Conference and the 2015 global mobile Internet forum were officially opened in Shenzhen today. IDG global executive vice president, IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge, Deng Qingxu, vice president of sina and other heavyweight guests attended.

AndroidWorld global developers conference by IDG group’s IDG World Expo launched and contractors. General Assembly Based on the Android platform, promote the manufacturers, the domestic and foreign information technology professionals and business users to explore business model, technology exchange, mobile application exchange event, explore and seek common development and win-win cooperation opportunity for more people in the industry. We will promote the widespread use of mobile software in all fields of the national economy, and promote the information construction of government and enterprises.

, vice president of Yuan Jin pig eight quit nets published a report entitled "how low / non-standard service transactions this pair of bad cards playing good cards" speech, specifically told zhubajie.com at low frequency, non standardized service trade to start, how to find a clear business model, and the realization of valuation 10 billion experience.

below for Yuen into speech full text:

you see today, this topic may feel that there is not much relationship with Android technology, may also feel with the mobile Internet is not too much. For a long time, why share this theme with you? Actually, it has a close relationship with Android application development.

just a lot of Daniel are sharing cutting-edge new technologies and our research into new areas of the industry. In fact, we as mobile applications, or as electricity providers, Internet applications, electricity providers in this area, physical transactions have reached the peak, has covered all aspects of life. With the development of mobile applications, we can see that, in fact, it has enabled many service transactions, especially complex classes, for the development of O2O oriented applications, which begin to have some directions. We found that many to C applications, including the application of the most familiar taxi, taxi drops and Uber, as well as 58 city, and Manicure, and tutoring field, as well as decoration in the field of to C Tuba rabbit, which deals with the rise of mobile Internet, actually show a great vitality in the inside. These are just to C applications, and to C applications have a strong exposure. The service is more complex, and I remember that last year, IDG opened a forum called complex transactions O2O and C2C, that is, how to do complex transactions.

here today more wants to share a story of entrepreneurship, in which we look at how to solve low and non-standard transactions. Why do we say that bad cards are good cards? That’s a story. We’re more upset about it. It’s not to C, it’s to B’s.. Do you know anything you know about the Internet?