Zero how to build a personal blog of high quality

Zero says it’s not difficult to build a blog of its own, but the difficulty is how to build a successful blog. There are countless blogs on the Internet, but there are few successful blogs. How to build your blog into a high quality blog, a high profile blog, and a profitable blog, Zero believes that as a personal blog webmaster should do the following:

1, distinctive blog theme

what does your blog want to talk about? What kind of information does your blog have to give? It must be very clear. The topic of blog shouldn’t be too much. It must be very targeted. For example, "Zero blog", mainly on PHP and network promotion knowledge, "Mou Changqing’s blog", mainly on network promotion knowledge. A blog is best subject to only one topic, and even if there are multiple subjects, it must be a topic of strong relevance.

2, high quality blog content,

a blog is popular, it depends on whether the blog content enough to attract people! People visiting your blog is to get useful knowledge, if you can not provide valuable learning content, so your blog naturally can not be obtained, the real concern. For bloggers, they must be carefully designed, with the exception of quality content. An attractive title, a good article frame, and some witty words are good ways to attract popularity.

3, high frequency visitor interaction

The biggest problem with

‘s current blog is that bloggers interact too little with visitors. Many bloggers wrote the article, basically on the one, and other people’s comments, messages did not seriously reply. This is a blogger who is taboo, the message must reply earnestly. Let visitors feel in your blog can be recognized, so that visitors feel that blogger is a warm-hearted person, so that visitors feel that your blog is a good platform to exchange learning.

4, persistent effort,

blog can not rush, blog is a process of accumulation. Any blog, from 0 to 100, requires a process in which you continue to publish new ideas and constantly aggregate visitors. The growth of blog requires unremitting efforts. Maybe there are no visitors today, maybe not tomorrow, but you can’t deny the day after tomorrow,


5, peripheral promotion indispensable

how to improve the popularity of the blog, the promotion of the periphery is essential. More comments on the peer blog, in the Forum on the peer more articles, plus some peer QQ group, pay more attention to some of the peer micro-blog…… None of this is a good idea for personal blogging promotion (of course, don’t forget to leave your URL). In the network of this circle, never lack of resources, the lack of people who will use resources.

7, word of mouth determines success or failure