Data analysis and comparison of campus websites based on Web data analysis

today, talk to you about data analysis of campus websites. This article is based on the data on a campus resource site that the author is working on. I wrote an article about the operation promotion of BT resource station in school: operation articles. Before writing the promotion methods for this type of website, let’s start with this data analysis. Web user data analysis is a webmaster’s understanding of the site’s situation. Please listen to the author one by one to elaborate:

first of all, to know which valid data is

campus network data also has some other features. For example: the campus network is a LAN LAN for the outside world, this may be only one or a few IP – IP, and LAN users are generally fixed IP, of course, is relatively fixed and IP lan. That is to say, in the LAN users visit the website, in the statistical data, IP number is usually fixed several, very little, and the actual number of visitors should depend on the number of independent visitors.

what is an independent visitor? The author, for example, for example, a LAN is the same as a IP, but there are 100 people visiting at the same time, then the number of independent visitors is 100, and the only IP is 1. Specific on Baidu search it. There is only 4 IP addresses for the university that the author’s Web site faces, so the number of IP statistics in each day is just a few. But independent visitors are different.

secondly, the page data

was analyzedThe

interview page refers to the page being visited, the most intuitive display of users who have browsed a page. Which are popular pages, and what are the popular pages, can be seen from this data. Like the author is responsible for the BT station, the most popular in addition to the home page, is the movie channel page, again is the variety channel page, again is the TV drama channel page. Getting these data also allows the release team to do a better job of publishing.

third, analysis of visiting domain name

campus network target users are students in the campus, at present, most of the university campus has many forums, such as for the school students’ Web site, new station propaganda, can not avoid to these old stand up to do. Then, analysis of visiting domain data can see what website promotional effect will be better, careful, can also guess each other’s traffic station.

in addition to the website, through the group mail to publicity, the antecedents can also be displayed, so that can also see what groups are more publicity value.

so, no other antecedents of how statistical data? This can see statistics domain name input directly, if the promotion time and statistical time to do a detailed planning, through statistical tools can also compare better which means of promotion.

fourth, cycle data comparison,

often makes data comparisons and summarizes all sorts of >