New laugh old cry micro blog decline Users and numbers tell you return of the king

[i] WeChat world network operators grab, micro-blog was suddenly very influential "brakes", some people even come up with "micro-blog 40% decrease in activity" — micro-blog micro data call. "New laugh, old people cry," the same old reason, micro-blog has realized the value of return.

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recently, the domestic market research institutions iResearch monitoring data show that from October 2014 to April this year, micro-blog monthly coverage of net growth of 48 million, an increase of up to 41%. At the same time, micro-blog in the application of monthly coverage of the user scale rankings also entered the top five. Obviously, from the Ai Rui report, in the domestic application of the status of micro-blog has returned, and with WeChat, QQ together to lead the domestic social.

prior to the WeChat as everyone knows, "grab", micro-blog was very influential suddenly "slam the brakes", some people even come up with "micro-blog 40% decrease in activity" — micro-blog micro data call. In fact, you can understand, "new laugh, old people cry", this is the eternal truth.

however, in this case, micro-blog and Alibaba "marriage", and also successfully landed on the nasdaq. To be sure, the market value of a voucher product is so high that it should be very few in the country. On the other hand, it proves its value as a social application for domestic giants.

so how did micro-blog return, or what dimension did its values re reflect,


user reflow

is a popular saying, "the form of products, in the domestic market, with the Sohu, NetEase and Tencent micro-blog’s exit, micro-blog has no similar competing products website, social media has become an irreplaceable platform, micro-blog has the apparent user reflux phenomenon."

according to statistics, in the first quarter of this year, micro-blog monthly active users reached 198 million, a net increase of 22 million over the previous quarter, an increase of 38%. Since the listing of the most; and since listing, whether monthly active users or active users, for four consecutive quarters to maintain more than 30% year-on-year growth, both achieved more than 10% of the chain growth. Obviously, the maturity of micro-blog can also have such user growth rate, indicating that micro-blog users return trend is already obvious.

the reason, we analyzed a lot, mainly sum up these points: 1) the user to determine the nature and role of micro-blog, WeChat, two were in fact not replace each other; 2) micro-blog to find its own position, social media, products and business ideas more clearly; 3) the winner of each the portal of micro-blog products in the competition, "China has no similar competing products website"; 4) further release of the value of the spread, excited fans return".

but, in fact, there’s one thing that can’t be ignored. June 6th, Sina, micro-blog >